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Ray Parslow- Graphics Designer

No description

maya c

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Ray Parslow- Graphics Designer

Ray Parslow- Graphics Designer
What is Graphic Design?
Click here to watch a short clip on what graphic design is.

Needed Skills...
Ray is now known for his ability to create an individual tone for each of his works, using the right balance of colours and shades. This skill is vital for a successful designer.
Fox billboard, supercheap auto logo, arts festival logo
A Change of Plans
When he was turned down, he learnt a valuable piece of advice that would help him in the future- The best way to gain experience would be to study overseas. He took this on board and moved to Melbourne. This is where he completed a four year Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in graphic design.
First Experience
While ray was studying at University, he did a one year internship at Emery Vincent Design in Melbourne.
He worked with makers of designs such as these as an intern
Turned down...
When Ray finished high school, he felt that he was unprepared to continue more study to be a graphics designer and took a short break where he was a humble postman. Soon after this short break, he applied for a job as a visualiser amd creative artist... He didn't get the job.
Life Decisions as a Teen
During high school, Ray developed a love for art. He studied painting, drawing and sculpting during school. He wanted a career that involved this passion for creative visual and creative arts. To be an artist, he soon realised, was not a suitable occupation for him as it would not earn him a steady enough income.
Ray now works with experienced colleagues, working for large organisations, corporations and government departments, as well as small businesses and charities. Some of his work involves designing business cards, logos, signage, posters, brochures and larger projects for larger companies.
Fox Studios Billboard
Ray's commercial billbooard for fox Studios is located in Sydney at Fox Studios. To design this, he used a computer program, using the large space provided to create something eye-catching.
The Completed, Successful Design
Ray's Inspiration
Going to the gallery or going to an exhibition, or seeing a performance or going to a great movie. Not necessarily an art house movie, sometimes a shot in an action movie will be captured in his mind and inspire him to do a shot next time he is in the studio that has that very intensity and mood or that shot of light.
Responsibilities as a Graphic Designer
Ray parslow has changed our quality of life by bringing colour and thought provoking imagery to our world. Although it is sometimes considered unnecessary, if our world lacked people like Ray, our world would be drab and wouldn't change, nor would our built world have any colour or beauty.
As a child
Ray Parslow grew up in New Zealand in the small town Dunedin. As a child, he wanted to be an artist, although he did know that being an artist wouldn't earn him a steady enough income to live on.
Ray as a teen going to high school in his hometown

Ray Parslow grew up in New Zealand in the small town Dunedin. As a child, he wanted to be an artist, although he did know that being an artist wouldn't earn him a steady enough income to live on.
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