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Hardy Boys: The Mystery of Cabin Island

No description

Sid deMayo

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Hardy Boys: The Mystery of Cabin Island

The theme of this Hardy Boys is mystery because all of the other books are and the whole book who have one or more questions when you are reading this book.
The setting takes place in a city called Bayport and on Cabin Island. It is probably set in the 50's because of the language and the technology that they had like the phones.
Frank and Joe Hardy
Athletic: They both play lots of sports and run track at their high school.
Hardy Boys: The Mystery of Cabin Island
The Hardy Boys are planning to stay on Cabin Island for Christmas. The person who invited them also asks the if they can try to solve a mystery. His grandson, Johnny went out and he can't find him for almost 3 weeks. Also some precious medals were stolen from him. They have a few suspects but they have to try to find out who stole the medals and where they are while trying to find Johnny .The Hardy boys have quite an amazing adventure in this book.
Frank and Joe both are very ambitious and try to do their very best and are very persistent.
The conflict is that the Hardy Boys have to take on the bad guy Hanleigh who is trying to get them off Cabin Island and they also are trying to find Johnny Jefferson. They have lost of struggles like losing food and being attacked.
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