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epic house and town

me and anna are still working on this house and we just started the town please comment what you think we should add to the town

Clarissa Hope

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of epic house and town

Anna's room!

I glanced at my mother who was crying but kept a straight face. My dad was part of the Suratia army who was fighting against the Kantoffs. The Kantoff where a grim and warlike people, it was no surprise to me that they challenged us to war. The Kantoffs wanted are land because we had a good trade route and we had many silver mines. The Kantoffs land was beautiful but they were greedy and destroyed the land in search of riches. And the merchants were to scared to come because there is a rumor they boil you alive if you give the wrong price. I watched Dad walked down the beaten path towards the slowly growing army.
I woke up and glanced outside, an autumn leaf was plastered on my window. I got up and looked in the mirror. My name was Sarah I was twelve I had dark brown hair and blue ice chip eyes. I wasn’t especially pretty but not ugly ether. I walked out into the kitchen and saw my dad. He was a soldier and was leaving for the army today. My mother made his favorite, pancakes with honey drizzled on the top. Dad picked up his bow and kissed my mom and gave me a hug, then he just left. I couldn’t believe it was that simple, I had expected it to be so difficult that he decided to stay. I was very suddenly filled with sadness, I loved Dad very much. All my best memories were with him. I had do do something to stop him.
this is an preview of a book im writin
the gold key is
behind the cat house
i hide my secrets
in my screen
Our epic house
creepy people house
plane landing pad
plane landing tower
for sale
for sale
prezi movers
futer school
Clarissa's room
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