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STC Training Requirements

No description

Kristen Bard

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of STC Training Requirements

School Staff Assessment Training
Note: OA may visit training sessions conducted by schools.
Work Sessions

Work sessions are non-agenda, scheduled times for STCs to prepare for an upcoming assessment administration with OA staff available to support and answer questions.

STCs may bring other staff who are supporting the administration preparations.

Registration is through HECTOR.

Work session attendance is strongly encouraged; however, session attendance is not required.
Training Sessions

Primary STC from each school must attend all state assessment trainings throughout the school year.

Alternate STC is strongly encouraged to attend.

STCs and Alternate-STCs must annually complete the HCPS Test Security and Assessment Administration itslearning course, including the STC Guidelines and Procedures page.

Training session attendees are required to sign a Certificate of Training/Non-Disclosure Form at each assessment training and submit form to OA before accessing secure materials.

Training topics include but are not limited to the following:
Assessment administration and logistics;
Test security;
Testing platform management; and
Practice testing for staff and students.
School Test Coordinators
HCPS Assessment Trainings and Work Sessions for STCs
School Training Sessions

Primary STC must deliver assessment training for all state assessments.

Other staff members, including the Alternate-STC, may assist; however, the primary STC is the primary trainer and plans the agenda.

STC must deliver multiple training sessions throughout the school year for each assessment administration.

All staff involved with an assessment must be trained prior to the beginning of the testing window with ample time to prepare, review manuals, and seek needed clarification.

Training Topics for School Staff

All staff must annually participate in the HCPS Test Security and Assessment Administration itslearning course at the beginning of the school year.

Training must occur for all staff involved in the respective assessment window prior to the first day of testing and for each testing event.

Test security refresh must be included in every assessment training.

Additional training topics include, but are not limited to:
Schedules and schedule changes;
Locations/room assignments;
Staff assignments;
Materials pick-up/return;
Emergency procedures; and
TA manual review.
Training Documentation
Certificate of Training Forms
Trained staff must read and sign a Certificate of Training form at the conclusion of each training session including Test Administrators (TAs), Proctors, and accommodators.

All forms must be submitted to Anita Page in OA via courier or SharePoint upload prior to the assessment window opening for students.

All forms must be retained in the school testing archive records for six years.
Non-Disclosure Forms
Principals, clerical, nurses, custodians, and facilities personnel must read and sign a non-disclosure form.

MSDE personnel must show identification and sign a non-disclosure form for a testing site visit.

All forms must be submitted to Anita Page in OA via courier or SharePoint upload prior to the assessment window opening for students.
Signed forms for OTIS technician and other key central office staff permitted to be involved in testing can be downloaded from OA SharePoint site.

All forms must be retained in the school testing archive records for six years.
Home-Hospital Teachers
STCs are responsible for ensuring the home-hospital teacher is certified and eligible to administer a state assessment.

STCs must train the home-hospital teacher if he/she is administering the state assessment.

STCs can choose to utilize another trained staff member to administer the state test to a home-hospital student.
Other Staff Assessment Training
Alternative and Specialized Assessments
Teachers are trained for the following state assessments through a partnership between the OA and the respective office.
Alt-MISA (Special Education)
KRA (Early Childhood)
MSAA (Special Education)
W-ACCESS (English Speakers of Other Languages)

STCs will be given specific instructions from the OA regarding these assessment tasks.
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