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Beginning A Jazz Musician's Career

A study in recording and promotion

Shannon Stephenson

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Beginning A Jazz Musician's Career

A study in independent recording and promotion Beginning A Jazz Musician's Career Why Record? Get played on the radio Before Recording... Decide on instrumentation
Compose/arrange material
Reserve studio space
Hire recording engineer
Hire musicians and rehearse Promotion "Letting other people know and getting them excited about your recording" (Rapaport 5). Press Kit Ingredients Biographies (Long and Short)
Press Articles
Business Card
CD Reach out to fans Get hired at venues Gain exposure Understand your sound Mechanical License A license to re-record a copyrighted work. The holder of the license can record a song they do not own the copyright for. Necessary for manufacture and distribution of a recording of a work (Beeching 93). Ex: I needed mechanical licenses to record and distribute 8 songs on the album. Performing Rights Organization An organization that grants performance rights on behalf of the writer/publisher and collects royalties from users (Chertkow & Feehan 93). Copyright Procedures To secure copyrights to your material, fill out the following forms and submit them with the $65 registration fee (Beeching 92). Composition: Form PA (Performing Arts) Recording: Form SR (Sound Recording) Market Research 1. Identify your genre
2. Characterize your potential audience
3. Analyze your competition Mailing Lists Fan List
Venue Lists
Clubs, Festivals, etc.
Press Lists
Radio & Print Mixing and Mastering Mixing: combining multiple sounds into two channels (stereo). During mixing, we edited out extraneous noise, adjusted levels of certain instruments, and adjusted the overall balance (Rapaport 136). Mastering: "the finishing process for a music recording" (Chertkow & Feehan 34). Disc Replication Graphic Design
Liner Notes
Special Thanks
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Wolff, Robert. How to Make It in the New Music Business: Lessons, Tips and Inspiration from Music's Biggest and Best. New York, NY: Billboard, 2004. Print. (Beeching 86) (Rapaport 6-9) Photo: www.jazz.com Photo: www.concertshots.com Photo: www.allaboutjazz.com Photo: www.smallsjazzclub.com Image: www.newpants.com (Rapaport 9-14) Social Media (Chertkow & Feehan 221-238; Beeching 124-126) "Fans now expect musicians to have twitter accounts" (Chertkow & Feehan 221).

"...With online tools, we now have more ways to help fans connect with us and with each other" (Beeching 125). Selling Music Image: diymusician.cdbaby.com Image: nefariousrealm.com (Beeching 115) Recording Be patient as levels are set Bring food and water A solid rehearsal saves time and money Practice listening to yourself play/sing before the session Photo: Gene D'Andrea Images: www.oasisdisc.com Press List Examples WRTI 90.1WRTI-FM1509 Cecil B. Moore Avenue, 3rd FloorPhiladelphia, PA 19121Bob Craig (Voices in Jazz, Sunday 3-6 pm) bobcraig@wrti.orgBob Perkins (Jazz with Bob Perkins) bob@wrti.orgJ. Michael Harris (The Bridge, Friday 10 pm-2 am) jmichael@wrti.orgJeff Duperon (Jazz with Jeff Duperon, Friday 6-10 pm) (Straight Ahead, Saturday 6-9 pm) (Sunday Jazz with Jeff Duperon, Sunday 8-12) Duperon@wrti.orgMark Quinlan (Jazz Through the Night, 12-6 am, 2-6 am)Maureen Malloy (Jazz with Maureen Malloy, M-T 9-12 pm)Zivit Shlank (Jazz Through the Night, 12-6 am, 2-6 am)Jazz Hot 11: call 215-204-8900 or email jazz@wrti.org WNCU 90.7 FM
North Carolina Central University
Box 19875
Durham, NC 27707
919-530-7445 (Main Office)
919-560-WNCU (Studio)
Salome Serena Wiley (Evening Jazz)
Aasim Inshirah (Bops, Blues and Ballads M-T 12-5 pm)
Steve Taxman (Jazz Focus, Saturday 9:30 am-12 pm)
BH Hudson (Morning Jazz 7-12 M-F) Yes! Weekly
Greensboro, NC
Ryan Snyder, Music Writer
ryan@yesweekly.com Images: twitter.com; facebook.com; reverbnation.com Images: kappadelta.com; chicagoprepster.com; dearprudence.com
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