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10 Objects that changed the World

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Logan Majerus

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of 10 Objects that changed the World

10 Objects that changed the World
By Logan Majerus
Preface Statement
Mini Assignment:
The words used in my word cloud show the little knowledge that i had known about tea. I used the word expensive which relates to the british tax on tea that was at a staggering 120% at the time. When i used imported, I have found it relates not only to America and tea but to China and the drug Opium that was imported into their country by the East India company that soon caused a war. As the lecture progressed, my knowledge on tea had expanded a bit.
Tea was discovered 2737 BCE by Shen Nung of China. He discovered it from boiling water under a tea tree. When boiling the water, leaves from the tree fell into the water. Shen Nung consumed the water and discovered that it gave him a sense of calm. During the T'ang Dynasty, tea became popular and known (618-907).
Tibet needed tea to help with diet reasons, at this
time the song Dynasty needed war horses for their army,creating a trade with Tibet. This trade consited of War horses for the Chinese tea. Japan also needed
tea but only for the use of religion and Zen. With tea
in japan, they created tea rooms that became part
of japaneses homes and their lifestyle.
Tea was first only drank in coffee houses
by male politicians where they discussed
politics with one another. In 1652 England
created the first coffee house, and later on
at the end of the century had hundreds.
In 1699 trade happened with the British and
chinese but under the chinese conditions.

Only one port of trade: Canton
Allowed to stay only 6 months
No access to the main land
Refused to have relations with countries that refused to acknowledge inferior status

British Taxes
The East India Company was established in 1600 and became the most powerful organization in the world.
Taxes in England were at 120% on tea and this caused problems due to the americans having it cheaper.
In 1783 England created a communication act that
lowered the tax from 120% to 12.5%.
At Vauxhall in 1730s, there were tea gardens that help bring men and women together. These gardens created a socializing spot.
People saw tea as a feminism drink so
less and less men drank it, they converted to
alcohol such as beer. Soon in the 1830s tea
became popular again due to women abolishing alcohol that created the temperance movement .

Tea Within America
1773, America asked to have tea be directly shipped to America from China rather than have it taken all the way back to England to be taxed, then sent to them.
Tea Act of 1773 increased taxes from imported tea that was brought from England. This caused the Boston Tea Party which consisted of individuals dressing up, boarding the tea ships, and tipping over the tea into the sea.
1775 was the American War of Independence.
St. Louis in 1903 created the tea bag and in 1904 created iced tea.
Tea created a lot of relationships that still hold today but it also created problems in some countries. In the 18Th century the EIC also known as the East India Company started trading the drug opium that was used for medical use for the price of tea. Soon opium became a recreational drug in China that created a war between China and the EIC. This war became the first opium war and took place in 1839 to 1842. The treaty of Nankin came in place which opened up 5 additional ports and the chinese had to pay for the war. In 1856 to 1860 created the second opium war due to the chinese king declining to allow opium legal. The war took 4 years and the Chinese then had to open an additional 10 more ports, opium legalized, and give access to the mainland.
Tea opened up a lot of other gates for trading and also created many important relationships that still hold today. It also helped create a new company, East India company. Tea became a essential in many peoples lives and was their sense of calmness. It helped workers in the industrial area stay awake on long days of work. Tea Started in china and soon found its way to America. People saw tea as a rarity and richness but soon became accessible to all social classes and is now today, easy to find.
When I consumed the cup of coffee, I felt no reaction at all besides mild warmth and taste of disgust in my mouth. Giving it a matter of minutes to get into or absorb into my system, i felt a greater concentration on things. At this time of the concentration, I was currently working on my homework from past classes that day. I felt that it gave me the ability to focus on the task that needed to be done and it kept me awake to make sure that the paper work was fully completed. I went out on a run to see if it truly boosted the energy levels and kept its purpose as a caffeine supplement. while running I saw that my intentions to run became broader and more thrilling. I felt the urge to pick up more and more speed as the seconds went by. In the very end of my experiment, I felt that the coffee pushed me to higher levels in a short period of time, not only in fitness but on the ambition to go out and perform a task.
Coffee Mini Assignment
After learning about coffee and its characteristics, I came to realization that what coffee was used for back in the early centuries was exactly what I used it for today. It was stated that coffee would help keep alertness and prevent drowsiness when trying such a product, I felt the same way when I had consumed the product. I felt less tired and was more alert to my surroundings. Coffee was used to help keep monks up during their midnight prayer and in today's society we use it to stay awake for homework. Coffee also today has a social environment and when consuming, you become a member or added into a type of social cult. The study of commodities is different from the studies of historical sources due to reading and understanding how just a simple ingredient had an impact not just on an individual but on a whole nation and also the world. Commodities are raw materials from agricultural points while historical sources could be anything and most historical sources are not used today. Historical sources are manly primary sources and are objects not used today, while commodities are used every single day in today's society.
Mini Assignment part 2 Review
From the lecture, "Sleep is a Sympton of Caffeine Deprivation" Coffee originated in Ethiopia by Kaldi, who was a goat herder. He noticed one day that his goats were eating these mysterious red berries and seemed to get them excited. Kaldi saw that his goats had not died after 24 hours and decided to try them himself, only figuring out that these berries helped give him sharpness and energy.
These red berries today are coffee beans!
During the 14Th century coffee had spread from Ethiopia to a near by country Yemen. Coffee was used by the muslim culture and helped them stay up for the midnight prayer. A man named Muhammad saw coffee as alcohol that would create the muslim culture to become further from god. Muhammad tried to ban coffee in 1511. Coffee was moved from country to country by muslims. Because of the muslims, coffee soon spread to North America and to Turkey!
Yemen and the muslims
In 1689, Cafe Le Procope opened up and was a place for people to come and socialize. Many important individuals came to this cafe, such as Benjamin Franklin. The first talk of revolutions started from coffee house gossip and talk. Later on would start the French Revolution of 1789.

In Europe Pope Clement the Vlll decided to baptize the coffee and make it a truly christian.
Cafe Le Procope
The First Cafe in America Was the Green Dragon! This was a place for americans to get together and socialize. This became the headquarters of the American Revolution.

In 1861-1865 the United States had a civil war and coffee became a staple for the warriors. They would consume and roast coffee every single night.

1889- Coffee was said that it helped open up the west and became a essential to pioneers.

Pan American Coffee Conference- Allowed farmers to keep overproduction and sell it later on durning the cold war period.
Coffee in America
Coffee to Brazil
Coffee in Brazil raised many issues and would later on help destroy the Rainforest. Plantation owners would cut down trees and burn down the rainforest just so they could create more coffee plantations.
One positive thing about coffee in Brazil is that they created the transatlantic cable in 1874 to make trading from Brazil much easier to the rest of the world. The Transatlantic Cable was important in the coffee period but later on would be used for many other objects of trade.
Transatlantic Cable
Pedro ll passed the Law of the Womb that allowed slaves that had children, their children wouldn't become slaves
In 1888 Princess Isabella let slaves free!
Coffee today, has become a big part of many peoples lives. Like back in the day, coffee is used to help create energy just like Kaldi and his goats. Coffee has created many different problems through time. Reaching from slavery with plantations to Brazil's environment. Losing part of the rainforest created issues in today's society by trying to preserve it and by focusing on coffee created Brazil to lose focus on itself. Due to these negatives has also came positives with coffee, it has created a new line of transportation, Transatlantic Cable, and the International Coffee Agreement that created a free market for the Americans. The international Coffee Agreement helped farmers be paid more for their products. Another thing that coffee had caused was the Law of the Womb that would help free slaves children that were born during the slavery. Coffee soon created the Pan American Coffee Conference that helped out farmers with profits. This commodity became a staple for many counties and for military personal during the Civil War.

Today, coffee has a big market and is a billion dollar industry. Many companies have taken coffee to newer levels and have became a huge success like Starbucks. Coffee today still holds a social status and is a recommended drink for many individuals in today's society. Coffee is that type of commodity that has kept a growing revenue and will continue as the years go by. To me coffee hasn't been a big part in my life, but after my experiment with coffee and seeing the results it has gave me, iv decided to join the cult of coffee drinkers and have this rich, delicious indulgence be part of my life.
Mini Assignment
Discovered by Shen Nung
Tea became popular in the Sung Dynasty
China traded with Tibet for war horses for thier standing army.
EIC ( East India Company) becomes powerful and fight China for the legalization of opium.
First opium war (1839-1842) and second opium war (1856-1860).
Boston Tea Party happened in 1773 due to british increasing the taxes.
Coffee originated from Ethiopia, where they traded it to Yemen and the muslim culture.
Muhammad saw coffee as a drink that brings muslims further from god. He decided to try and ban coffee.
1689- Cafe Le Procope opens.
Kaldi discovers coffee due to his goats eating the leaves and becoming hyper and excited.
Brazil built the Transatlantic cable system in 1874 that would create Brazil easier to trade with to the rest of the world.
Pope Clement VIII baptized coffee to make it truly a Christian drink.
Sugar first originated in New Guinea and Indonesia.
Sugar soon went to India in the 6Th century.
Slavery became a big part of the sugar growing process.
Christopher Columbus sails to America in 1492.
Sugar first started as a royalty to the rich and soon was used by middle class and lower classes for baking desserts.
From the lecture "Sugar and Power", sugar was first discovered in Indonesia and New Guinea.
6Th Century: Indonesia and New Guinea
8Th Century: Egypt
10TH Century: Middle East
15TH Century: Madeira, Canary, Cape Verde Islands, West Africa
The Movement of sugar was done all by the Muslims!
Movement of Sugar!
Atlantic Slave Triangle
Middle of the 11TH century Christians rally from land. From 1095 to the 13TH century there were many crusades that brought sugar from the Middle East to Europe. Europeans saw sugar as a royalty and became obsessed with its sweetness. This caused the Portuguese to take African Slaves from Sahara, Africa in 1441.
Europe and Sugar
Sugar was used to show off power and wealth.

The wealthy would go into a room just to throw sugar at each other.

Middle class used it for desserts and sweetener for foreign exotics.
Sugar in America
In 1492 Christopher Columbus landed in America where he met the Tainan Tribe. He used them as slaves for sugar production, and by 1550's they started to use African Americans as slave workers on sugar plantations.
They would auction off slaves
Brought to plantations
Were renamed and wore shapeless clothing
They would then work in a assembly line movement
Middle Passage:
Slaves were captured, branded and then sold to plantation owners.
Best slaves were ages between 15-3 year old males.
Women and children were raped
2 million of 13 million slaves died on the ships
Haitian Revolution
The Haitian Revolution was the first successful slave revolt that led to Americans and Caucasians leaving the country. This created Haiti as a Farming community.
The French Revolution of 1789, created a Enlightenment that caused 3 different revolutions as stated in the reading "Slave sugar boycotts". During this time St. Dominions sugar only went to France and they wanted 3 things:

8,000 Plantations
40% of sugar in the world, 50% of coffee in the world
90% Africans born as slaves
40,000 whites
30,000 free people
L'Ouverture was the King of slavery and lead the slaves!
Atlantic Slave Triangle:

Africa sent slaves to America to work on sugar plantations, the sugar would ship to Europe, and Europe would then ship the goods to Africa!
Late 18TH century whites saw slavery as a bad thing. They saw West India Sugar as slave blood and sweat. Women would then refuse to buy the sugar or buy from free labor. Thus this caused boycotting and lead to a parliament that would create no more slavery in the colonies. The abolition all started by women refusing to buy sugar that was picked by slaves.
Sugar started as an exotic import to the European colonist that saw it as a royalty. Soon it resulted to middle class families using it as a ingredient in desserts just like today's society. Sugar has brought a lot of new experiences to the world today. It created the middle passage in which African American slaves were sold to plantations. Sugar also allowed for the Haitian Revolution that consisted of slaves revolting the whites and abolishing slavery in Haiti. This all lead to the abolition and parliament of slavery in European colonies that was started by women that refused to buy sugar from slaves and unpaid slave workers.

Sugar today is a big ingredient in everyone's lives. This commodity is used to create energy and keep individuals awake and moving in a time of need. Sugar today is still used as a sweetener for many products such as coffee, tea, and desserts. I use sugar on a daily basis when working out so that I can keep my energy levels up. I also use sugar to help keep me moving and functioning though-out the day just like many slaves did on the plantations when they would work countless hours. Sugar has also caused many problems in today's society, having to cause obesity and also type II diabetes. Just like slaves and today's society, sugar seems to serve as a reward for a days work.
Mini Assignment
For the beer mini assignment my group analyzed a beer stein. The beer stein was a advertisement for the company "Blatz". Blatz is a beer company based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 1885 to 1959. The company then became known as Pabst beer. Blatz beer is still made in Milwaukee but is under contract with Pabst Brewing Company.
The Blatz beer stein, was crafted in 1987 by ILKA ceramics for G Heileman Brewing Company. It is white, blue, red, cream, and brown. It bares the Blatz logo and a german women dressed in a dirndl. It symbolizes the american nation of the german culture which was a movement during the 60's. The amount of beer that the lady is passing out emphasizes the social aspect of beer drinking. There also is wheat on the stein that is accompanied with other beer ingredients that are stuffed in the woman's apron. The beer Stein is a reflection of the women's duties of adventure towards men. This is a reflection of american marketing because the typical German beer stein would have landscaping on it.

Beer was first established in the 9000 BC in the middle east when people started to farm creating the agriculture revolution. This was created by hunter gatherers and soon became the first civilization, Mesopotamia. Beer came about when farmers created barley and placed it into a bowl while they went out to hunt. During this time rain came and filled the bowl up, submerging the barley. Thus created a fermentation, when the hunters came back they saw this liquid and then consumed it. Thus creating beer as we know it today.
Beer Started......
Established modern Healthcare
Created irrigation, the plow and wheel carts
Taught people how to divide fields thus creating math and measurements.
Book keeping
created the written language, Cuneiform had 160 different words relate to beer
If it wasn't for beer, there would not be ancient civilizations
Ray= God who created Love, Life, and Beer
In Egypt, workers who would build the pyramids would be paid in in beer, beer was considered money.
They used beer as medicine and for nutrition.
It took 231,414,717 gallons of beer to build the Pyramid of Giza!
September 9TH, 1620 there was the Mayflower Voyage, they were running out of supplies so instead of settling in Boston they settled in Plymouth. Beer became an important staple to the English diet and after the first winter, the English opened an Al- house.
Mayflower Adventure
George Washington, Samuel Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were brewers
1850's Loui Pasteur invented pasteurization
19TH century, beer became spoiled so refrigeration was invented
Lager changed America and was brought over in 1840's by the Germans
Beer put the world to economic power
Beer in America
When watching the beer video, I would have never thought that beer had invented and established so many unique and important things in life. From medicine in modern day use to the way that we do math, beer helped create the world today. During mid-evil times, the water was bad and killed many individuals but with the boiling of water to make beer ended up saving millions of lives.
Beer is a very popular commodity that brings family, friends and strangers together to socialize in today's world. After watching the beer video, it helped me better understand and realize that beer wasn't just a liquid to get drunk on but help create today's modern society. Still today, people drink beer as a source of energy like the Egyptians did when building the pyramids. I now agree that beer, changed the world to what we know it as today.
For the cotton mini assignment, we were instructed to bring in 3 clothing tags that were 100% cotton. We then looked at the countries that our clothes were produced in, deifying how much the employees made. Once we succeed this part of the project, we were then instructed to place our tags on the countries where our tags came from on a huge map. We examined that many of the tags came from countries who were paid very little for large amounts of time that they worked.

We then were asked whether it was better to buy clothing from the United States or to buy the clothing from other countries. I came to the conclusion that we should continue to buy clothing from foreign countries as a way to keep a balance in the world trade. Buying products from the other countries also helps keep the prices of cotton low in the United States by keeping the stock of it high. Thus creating the demand and supply curve at the equilibrium.
World map of Cotton tags
Indus River Valley
History of Cotton
From " Cotton, Identityand Art" lecture, Cotton originated in India from 2300-1760 BCE where it became domesticated in the Indus River Valley. Cotton was a Southernization product meaning it can only be grown in the south. Cotton became a big production in India making it the main land. This created cotton to spread to many different countries.
Egypt in the 1st century became a market for the Indian cotton.
Arabs in the 7Th-8Th century conquered Spain, central Asia, and the Mediterranean.
Due to the Arabs, cotton was then spread throughout countries and became a major product for them.
By the 16Th century, cotton reached Europe where it was then converted from southerniztion to westernization. Cotton was seen as forbidden because it was against their own morals due to wearing wool for most of their clothes.
Cotton was then converted into a wealth class where only the upper class individuals could wear it and lower classes had to wear wool. This was to help people identify individuals by class.
English livery- showing what you do and wealth class through clothes.

1719- the time of cotton being frowned upon, women wore bright calico because of all of their dresses. This then caused riots, where they were attacked and raped which showed power.
1736- mixed cotton fabric legal in England.

1762- The Spinning Jenny was invented that allowed colonist to do many threads of cotton at once besides only doing one.

1774- Cotton became legal in England because they could produce it just as good as India.
Cotton in America:
Cotton became one of the biggest exports in America due to the inexpensive costs and the labor of African American slaves.

Christopher Columbus found cotton in the Bahamas area when he was on a voyage to the west.
Cotton was a big part of the worlds history. It became a big commodity that was started in the country of India where after time, found its way to Europe. Europe was hesitant to except cotton into their culture because they felt they were going against the morals of wearing wool. Many countries including Europe area soon adapted and realized that cotton was cheaper to make and easier to work with. The down fall with cotton is that it created slavery again and the use of plantations, thus causing issues throughout the world that still appear today.

In today's society, cotton is still a huge part of the clothing market. Still a cheap and easy to work with product, cotton helps other countries with world trade. Like the individuals back in the day, we still use cotton clothing as a way to express our own personal styles. Cotton is produced in many countries today and is still a big market for many countries.
Mini Assignment:
Ahisma Silk-"Why I think It dot add up"

Vegetarian Silk-"Vegetarian, Peace, or Vegan silk, Its All Cruelty Free.

Peace Silk-"Cruelty-free silk or peace silk"
The mandate of Peta is currently getting hidden footage of workers in Hungary who are plucking feathers from birds, causing them to rip open and causing serious pain. Peta, people for the ethical treatment of animals, have found footage of these workers killing many birds and insects just for silk. Peta believes their silk farming is unethical because of these workers killing off many insects and birds. Also they have found out that they have been injecting goats with different genes, so that they would be able to make silk also. The solution to these problems is using Ahisma or Vegetarian silk creating the production of Peace Silk. Peace Silk is when the worm lives its full life cycle without cruelty. With the genital death, the silk becomes softer and much more fluffy. I feel the peace silk is very ethical to the production of silk, due to the lack of killing innocent insects and without torment. When it comes to the fashion, I feel that worms or moths could potentially be a concern. However, silk isn't as big as a product as it was before, thus having many different alternative products that could also be used for quality clothing production instead.
From the lecture "History of Silk", Silk was discovered in China in 5,000 BCE. Still today, silk is seen as a luxury product and is still highly expensive. Used in most formal wear products such as suits and is also a main product for women's wedding dresses.
Silk was created through a harmful process towards silk worms. These worms were boiled after they created the cocoon. Thus giving them long threads of silk, where they would twist the silk and weave them into cloth. The production companies would feed these worms mulberry leaves. Statistics show that 2000 pounds of mulberry leaves equals out to 12 pounds of silk.
Silk in China:
Silk first produced in China, where it was used in religion, economy, burial practices, art and clothing. The oldest piece of silk came from China in 3630 BCE. Lady Xiling Leizu was the first person to discover silk and the loom.
During the Shang Dynasty, from 150-1050 BCE Oracle bones were found with the words worm silk and loom written on them.

Silk Road:
The silk road came around by the 2ND century, 1500 BCE. This road was a overland trade system that ran East and West through India and Europe. The Silk Road consisted of 4000 miles over the Continent. Due to the road being to large, many people would be used to transfer goods over a certain range. These individuals would meet up at break off points and give each other the goods. During this time, the Silk Road was a dangerous route that consisted of bandits that would attack and take the traded goods. The road also had brutal conditions that caused any obstacles for many of the traders and merchants.
Roman Silk:
Trade West brought silk to the Romans and they saw it as royalty.
Purple silk represented royalty and power.
They imported mulberry trees so that they could create silk, but ended up not being a great quality and didn't come out white.
Sumptuary Law- banned silk from the economic grounds as it showed to much of a women's body.
People who believed in the after life:
Couldn't keep the riches in the after life
If you were rich now you would'nt be rich in the after life
The rich would then donate silk to people and to the churches
They saw the after life as more important than the real life
Due to these religious beliefs, churches became very rich
Silk back in the early times was considered a luxury and showed power within a country or in a community. Silk was a strong fibered material that draped over the body. Due to the rarity of silk, it was only consumed by the wealthiest individuals. Romans would use the silk to also show power by dying it purple.

Today silk is still seen as an expensive product that only a limited number of people can afford. Like back in the day it was used as a rich fashion, this fashion still holds today with suits and women with wedding dresses. Silk today is used for important and special occasions within the United States. Through the years, from 5,000 BCE to today, 2014, silk still holds as a sign of wealth.
French Fries
Twice Baked
Mini Assignment:
My ethnic background is german, french, polish, and a small portion of italian. In my culture of today, potatoes are a main ingredient in many of my families foods. One main dish that is used in my family weekly is the twice baked potato.
Bacon Twice Baked Potato:
4 baking potatoes (2 lb.)
1/2 cup milk
4 oz. (1/2 of 8-oz. pkg.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, cubed
4 slices OSCAR MAYER Bacon, cooked, crumbled
HEAT oven to 400°F.

PRICK potatoes in several places with fork. Bake 1 hour. Reduce oven temperature to 350°F.

CUT thin slice from top of each potato. Discard tops; scoop out centers into medium bowl, leaving 1/8-inch-thick shells. Beat potato flesh with mixer 1 min. Add milk and cream cheese; beat until fluffy. Spoon into potato shells; top with bacon. Place in shallow baking dish.

BAKE 20 min. or until heated through.
Follow up Mini Assignment:
The twice baked potato serves as a staple food in my life. With lifting and working out as much as I do, the twice baked potato serves as a supplement with many different types of vitamins. My family cooks and makes this recipe at least once a week due to the easiness and delightful taste it has. The recipe has been used in my family for many years and helps resemble my german and polish heritage!
From the "Potato" lecture
Incas were the first to domesticate potatoes in Peru.
Potatoes were able to grow very well due to the mountain terrain that made a perfect climate for potatoes to grow.
Incas grew many different varieties of potatoes.
Potatoes spread to the rest of the world do to sailors bringing back the commodity as food for the Europe population. The potato became a life changing crop because it was able to grow in almost every climate.
Ireland became one of the major countries for potatoes due to the short seasons and the soil that they had. Ireland only focused on one type of potato which made it easier to be infected by diseases. During 1845 to 1849, Ireland had a potato famine that killed thier crops.
Fun Facts:
1 and a half acres could grow enough food for a family for a whole year.
Can grow in tiny plots and in many temperature zones
Due to the increase in food production it caused the population to rise.
Potatoes quadrupled the population
Colombian Exchange:
Europe sent over livestock, diseases, fruits, while the Americas sent vegetables and potatoes!
Potatoes unlike many other commodities can be grown in almost every single climate and terrain. They were first domesticated in Peru and soon it spread throughout the world. The positive is that potatoes have a short growing season that makes it easy to grow anywhere in the world.
In today's society, potatoes are a huge staple in families diets. Ranging from french fries, baked, mashed, sweet potatoes, and even salads. Potatoes have an impact on almost any type of dinner dish. This crop was available for all class right away unlike the previous commodities, and helped increase population dramatically. Potatoes today are still a main nutritional supplement and come in many different varieties. Due to the Ireland potato famine in 1845, everyone learned on how to take care and keep the potato crop clean.
During my elemantary days, I played on my hometowns all-star baseball team. This consisted of us traveling parts of Wisconsin for games. My team and I always stopped at Mcdonalds for before and after game food supply. We chose this fast food joint due to the creativity that the Mcdonalds marketing team did by aiming its marketing scheme towards children. I remember everyone always looking forward to going to Mcdonalds after a big win on the baseball field as we were treated to the Mcflurries. We would all rush to the cashier and compete on who gets to go first due to whom was the best baseball player on the team. Mcdonalds helped alot during our half hour breaks between games as a quick food source. Throughout my childhood, Mcdonalds served as a main food for my team and I as we played sports and needed quick meals at a cheap price. Still to this day I see the Mcflurries it continues to bring back the memories I had with my fellow teammates.
Mini Assignment:
Original Mcdonalds
From "The History of Mcdonalds: Ronalds Trip Around the World", Richard and Maurice Mcdonald, brothers, during the deppression moved out to California in hopes of finding jobs. They soon decided to open up a Mcdonalds drive thru that started in 1937, that was located near a high school.
In 1948, Mcdonalds reconstructed and decided to only sell Cheeseburgers and Hamburgers as a way to save money due to people stealing the forks and spoons.
Also during this time, the brothers decided to create or redesign a food preperation system through the way factories did it. Giving individuals a specific job and only that one job, which would help lower wages and speed up the creation of food.
3 responses to Mcdonalds:
During 1994 to 1996, 5 individuals were on trial agaisnt Mcdonalds for publishing a pamplet on false information. This case was the longest case in England ever and in the end, the 5 people were forced to pay only 60,000 pounds due to half the information being right.
In France, a farmer created a Anti-Mcdonalds movement. This was due to farmers trying to bring thier veggies to North America but they had to pay a tariff before sending them.
Slow food movement in Italy!
Mcdonalds in China
In Hong Kong, Mcdonalds shut down tea houses and soon became the top place for breakfast!
Mcdonalds effect on other places..
Bejing- Local Institution
Isrial- Big Macs without cheese
India- Lamb based Big Macs, different types of meats due to religious reasons
Italy- Serves Espresso and cold noodles
Norway- Grilled Salmon
During the early to mid 90's, Mcdonalds started and created a whole new system to a resturant. At this time, the brothers became very wealthy and started to dominate the competitors. They started off as a small single fast food place and turned it into a multi-Billion dollar corporation.

Mcdonalds in today's society still hold the crown for fast food resturants as it continues to increase in size and profits. It still holds true to its roots from the start but added new meals to its list. Mcdonalds has had a big impact on my life as a quick, cheap source of food when in sports or on road trips. Still to this day, Mcdonalds serves as everyones go to fast food resturant.
Mini Assignment:
Conserve water method: "If its yellow let it mellow and if its brown flush it down"
How much water saved alone for 5 days?
40 Gallons
How much water saved alone for a month(30 Days)?
240 Gallons
How much water saved alone for entire year(365 Days)?
2920 Gallons
How much water saved with whole class for entire year(45 Students)?
131,400 Gallons
Indus, Egypt, Mesopotamia:
There were 3 Hydralic Civilizations:
Mesopotamia: Along the Twin Tigris and Euphretes River. (6000-2800 BCE)
Egypt: Along the Nile River(3150-1069BCE)
Indus Civilization around Indus River(2600-1700 BCE)
These civilizations settled down by these rivers as they served as a great source of water and created great soil for planting.
3 Periods of Ancient Egypt:
Old Kingdom (3150-2200 BCE)
Middle Kingdom (2040-1674 BCE)
New Kingdom (1552-1069 BCE)
Egypt created the Noria, water wheels with leves that helped produce secondary crops further out in the land.
Fun Fact:
Workers in Egypt that helped out with the water sources, were given job title names that resembled water.
China's Grand Canal:
The Xanxi River is up to 30 feet deep and 100 feet wide. It has a span of 1,100 miles and conncets the Yangtze river and the Yellow River.
River was used for trading
Longest waterway to exist
Steam Power:
Britain is rich in water as it's surrounded by water
Once they faced an energy crisis, they dug for coal and ended up hitting the water table
They started building water canal systems that helped power the water wheels
England faced the problem of flooding in mines so James Watt invented the steam engine in 1769 that would pump the water out of the mine.
July 15, 1858
Sanatary revolution bill was passed establishing the river to be cleaned.
Abolished infant mortality, germ theroy, people lived longer, and people moved to the city.
Troubled Water:
Mississippi empties into the Gulf of Mexico making it the worlds second biggest dead zone.
A total of 18 million people depend on the water of the Mississippi River and a total of 31 states empty into the river
Fertilizer that contains to much nitrogen flows into the Mississippi River where it is droped into the Gulf of Mexico. This is where the algae settles at the bottom of the Gulf creating the dead zone
Water is the most important commodity in our entire world. It serves as a beverage, transportation, and makes up 80% of the world. Water helped create civilizations that are know today and without the water, these civilizations possibly wouldnt have lasted very long. Water had a great impact on the life of trade. It served as a transportation route to reach different civilizations that were not possible to reach on land. Without the trade water routes, less diversification would be applied, cultures wouldnt had spreaded throughout, and many important commodities wouldnt have made it around the world.
In today's society, water serves as the biggest commodity. Without it, today as we know it would not exist due to Christopher Columbus traveling a waterway to reach this Newfoundland. Still to this day, many countries face dieseased infected water. This creates a death rate that increases each and everyday. This type of contamination effects my life as I live on the river. If the waterways that I live on were contaminated then my families source of fish is destroyed. This type of contamination happends in many parts of the world and is why the commodity, water, has an affect on everyone.
Commodities serve as great part of the worlds history as they are still used in the everyday life. Each commodity that we discussed in class, relates to each other and share similarities in history. Many of these commodities were connected through politics that helped shaped the world as we know it today. I can relate to these commodities as they are used throughout my life. With today's society, some of the commodities thatwe use today such as sugar and tea served as a delicate and was used only by the high powered individuals. As these commodities passed through time, they helped open up different cultures that we are thankful for in today's society. The study of commodities helped show me that with such simple spices and natrual ingredients life as we know it wouldnt be the same.

When choosing what to do for my culmination of mini assignments, I decided to use Prezi. I chose this due to being able to give more detailed information on a topic through the visual eye. Each commoditiy follows the pattern that we took through week to week, helping to show how some ingredients have certain conncetions. I chose to use the map of the world for my background as each commodity that you will see, zooms into the area in which it was founded. Also with the map of the world, you can see visually that some commodities were founded very close to each other. Throughout my prezi, there will be detailed information on the geography and historical backgrounds of each commoditity. Lastly, I will talk about identity politics for each commodity and how they have effected me.
Future Possibilities:
When looking back on the commodities that we have learned over the semester, there rises many problems due to these commodities. However there are many solutions to fix the temperary problems that we possible face or will face due to the commodities. Firstly, we need to learn how to conserve water by simply turning of the sink when brushing your teeth, only flushing when you have a number 2, and taking shorter showers than previously. Secondly a company by the name Mcdonalds, uses animals that have been genetically enhanced to reach maximum expectations. Also Mcdonalds has a high tolerance for fat that increases the obesity that the United States has problems with. This can easily be fixed by just denying to eat at Mcdonalds. Thirdly, another commodity that has an affect on the obesity in America is sugar. Sugar is used in almost everything that we use in today's society. One way to stop this is to simply cut back on how much sugar is used by cutting the amount in half. Lastly, we face the problem with a commodity such as coffee where the workers face low pay for such work. To fix this, we must buy fair trade coffee, which consists of producers that are making enough money for thier share of work. These are just a few ways to help our society and the world. If everyone contributed to this, we could help save the world.
30 Day Challenge:
Week 1
: For week 1, I will help conserve water by decreasing the amount of flushes that I do within a single day. If I can follow this, I'll be able to save a total of 28 gallons per week of water.
Week 2
: For week 2, I will finally quit eating Mcdonalds as it serves as a leader for obesity. Its foods are genetically enhanced and have a effect on my body and others. This choice will help create a healthier living for myself.
Week 3
: For week 3, I will cut back on the use of sugar by cutting the recommeded amounts in half. Also I tend to drink alot of soda throughout a week, so I've decided to limit myself to having 3 sodas per week. By reducing the amount of sugar that enters my body, ill become much healthier.
Week 4
: For week 4, I'm going to be cautious when I buy coffee by making sure that the product that I buy is a fair trade product. Most of the coffee that we drink is created from other countries and the works tend to recieve very little pay. I want to make sure that I buy coffee from producers that recieve fair pay.
December 31st
I think by this time I will be happy with the results and finally understand that I'm making a differance in the world. With just simple things being fixed, I can help the world and keep my body much healthier than its been. I think that once this experiment is completed, I'll want to continue to have an impact on the world and continue to do this. I also may consider to add one or two more solutions to my plan. By doing little things that you do regulary throughout your day can help change the world. All we need is others to join, so that we can have an impact on today's world.
Thank You
History 102/ Section 12
Due: December 12th
"Beer changed the world" Video
"A History of Water" Lecture
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