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by Ruby Humphrey

No description

ruby humphrey

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of by Ruby Humphrey

artificial intelligence
Homes of the future
In the future there will be cars which will run electricity. there will also be trains that will be much faster than they are now. this means workers will get to work quicker.
There will also be self driving cars, which means all you have to do is press a button and your car starts driving on their own. in the future there could also be flying cars but i think this wont happen until a million years time.
In 2030 there is going to be like a robot that reminds elderly people what they need to do. for example it tells them when they need to take there tablets and what kind. so these robots will be really helpful towards the elderly.

In the future there will also be smart homes which means there will be technology that allows people to control households appliances via their mobile phone or other gadgets is being shown off in Germany.
Robots in the future
by Ruby Humphrey
future technologies
today i will be talking about the future technologies that will happen in the future.
Transport in the future
Artificial intelligence in the future.

- There will be a smart bike that maybe will tell you where to go, how many calories you've lost.

- there will also be a smart fridge that will tell you when an item, is out of date and needs to go in the bin. it will also tell you other stuff.

- there will also be a smart phone that will be placed inside your body.

There will be robots in the future that will water your plants if you have forgotten. so if you was having a lazy day and you couldn't be bothered to water your plants, you wouldn't have to worry because this robot will do it for you.
There will also be robots that will do your hair for you. so if your having a bad hair day there will be a robot that will fix your hair and make it look good.
They are investigating touchscreen mirrors.
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