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Top 10 Drug companies

No description

Selena Tirrell

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Top 10 Drug companies

Top 10 Drug companies by Selena Tirrell
-founded in 1996
-top selling drug:In 2012, was the drug called Diovan,
-treats high blood pressure & chronic heart failure

-country: U.s(California)
-founded in 1889
-top selling drug: in august 2012, "Singulair in 1998
-treats: allergies,asthma,Rhinitis,etc.
4. Merck & Co.
-country: Switzerland
-founded in 1896
-Top selling drugs: in 2012, Mabthera/ Rituxan
-treats: Rheumatoid arthritis
5. Roche Holding
-country: NEW York,ny
- founded in 1849
- top selling drug: lipitor in 2006
-treats: high blood cholesterol level
1. Phizer
- country: France
- founded in 2004
- top selling drug: copaxone
-treats: multiple sclerosis
-Founded on April 6,1999
-Top Selling Drug: "Crestor" in 2003
-treats:high cholesterol
8. AstraZeneca
-Country: U.K.
-Founded in 2000
-Top Selling Drug: Advair in 1994 for asmtha
6. GlaxoSmithKlein
10. ELI Lilly & Company
-country: U.K.
-Founded in 1876
-Top Selling Drug: in 2010,"Cymbalta"
-treats:major depression
7. Abbott Laboratories
-Country: U.S. (California)
-founded in 1980
-Top Selling Drug: Vectibix in 1998
-treats: Colorectal Cancer
-Country: North chicago,IL)
-Founded in 1888
-Top best selling drug: Humira in 2012
-treats:Rheumatoid Arthritis
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