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Book Trailers: Engaging Readers Digitally

Learn how to take books from paper to screen by creating digital book trailers! Students and teachers can create book trailers to discuss literature, promote deeper understanding, and share books with wider audiences.

Lisa Stringfellow

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Book Trailers: Engaging Readers Digitally

Book Trailers:
Engaging Readers Digitally The traditional book talk is an oral presentation which strives to interest readers by summarizing a book without giving away the ending. It is generally teacher-centered. In a digital world, teachers need to engage readers on a level that moves beyond just print. Reading should become a multimedia experience. "Teens are prolific online publishers."

--Nielsen Report, How Teens Use Media, June 2009
--Media Literacy Clearinghouse A book trailer is a short 2-3 minute video that follows a basic storyline and creatively re-enacts a novel.

Book trailers engage reluctant and struggling readers.
Creating a book trailer deepens reading comprehension. A book trailer can be created by individual students, small groups, or an entire class. A book trailer should use 10-15 still images or video clips. A book trailer should have meaningful music and may also use voice narration. A complete citation for images and music should be given in the project. Teachers should require the use of Creative Commons licensed images and music. What is a book trailer? Book trailers are student-centered and allow for not only spoken words, but also music and images. Here is an example of book trailer created by a 5th grader.. Here is an example of book trailer created by a 10th grader...
Tools Video Editors Hardware Sound Images Here is an example of book trailer created by a 3rd grade class... Here is an example of book trailer created by a 5th grade class... Book Trailers can help connect
readers and authors. Book trailers are a great way to connect
students to literature.

For more resources, visit http://engagingreadersdigitally.wikispaces.com iMovie (Mac)
Photostory 3 (Windows)
Animoto.com (Apply for free All-Access Pass for Educators) FreePlayMusic.com
Audacity (audio editor)
Garage Band (Mac) Flickr (use Advanced Search for Creative Commons)
Wikimedia Commons Internet access
Digital camera
Video cameras
Opportunities Process Storyboards & Scripts Locate or capture images After seeing our book trailer on YouTube, author Alison Hart contacted us. Students were able to write letters to her and participated in a Skype chat.
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