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The Conceptual frame work

No description

holly hitchcock

on 26 June 2011

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Transcript of The Conceptual frame work

The Conceptual Framework. artwork world audience artist Andy Goldsworthy: world artwork audience artist Gilbert And George: world artwork audience artist Mike Parr: andy goldsworthy chooses to work in the context of ephemeral art. this has a direct effect on how the artisrt chooses to present his artworks to his audience as his works are sight specific with goldsworthys works, the audience is unable to see the static work. so instead goldsworthy documents his works and complies them into catalouges or displys large scale photographs of the documented work e.g 'time' and 'rivers and tides' eleven arches made between tides followed out to sea, working quickly, waited for its return, sun wind clouds & rain. ecause of this works ephemeral nature the work was documented through photographs, showing its decay as the tides rose and fell again. Goldsworthys work is effected by the world as his medium is all natual materials, creating works from these which are sight specific to the mediums environment, Mike Parr is an austrailan artist who works in the area of performance art. Parr's aim through his work is to elicit a responce of shock from the audiences he performs for. Parr's aim is to shock his audience, with this particular work achiving his aim "people thought i had chopped off my arm" One of Mike Parr's most shocking works was when he seated himself infornt of an awaiting audience, took out a meat clever and chopped off his own left arm. his prosthetic arm illed with meat gave a more realistic and therfore shocking performance. in the modernist art world artists have constanty been trying to come up with new ways to entertain and or shock an audience, Parr's work definatly acomplishing this, leaving his mark on the art world. Gilbert and George are two british artists who workin in poth painting & sculpture as well as performance art. their artworks often holdind a message related to their own personal contexr for example gay rights. the audience tot eh work that is Gilbert and George can also have an everchanging opinion on them as an artwork. this is because of the choice of the artists to use themselves as the works mediumand the subject and meaning of the work constantly changing. in this case Gilbert & George's art work is infact themselves- Gilbert & George, describing themselves as "living sculptures" this is a work which is forever changing due to what is happening in the world at the time. the world of Gilbert & George is effected by the outside world due to the many different global issuses at a particular time which Gilbert and George relate to eg gay rights, great britan (things that relate to their own personal context.).
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