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WH Chapter 11 Section 3

Questions 1a and 4

Diane Lucas

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of WH Chapter 11 Section 3

Factors for the Fall or Collapse of the Roman Empire
Claim:Constantine moved Rome's capital to Constantinople.

Evidence: "he moved the capital to modern day Turkey and called it Constantinople."

Explanation: He moved the capital because it was too large for one person to rule.
To where did Constantine move Rome's capital? Communication is difficult

Protection is difficult

Governing is difficult Large Size of the empire (too big!!!) External Threats
Germanic Tribes
Disease External and Internal Threats
Germanic tribes invade

Goths/Visigoths/ Ostrogoths invade

Huns invade

Disease appears Foreign Invasions Schools close

People start freaking out

People get poorer

Military start revolting Corruption of the Government So people leave to
live in country estates

Smaller governments
start ruling Taxes go up Internal Threats
Taxes go up
Corruption in Government
Closing of schools
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