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Da Piano

No description

lis lab3

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Da Piano

Da Piano!<('~'<)
Facts About da wonderful instrument!
Dis prezi will be about za piano, but, you already knowed dat already.
By Aidan Tockman
Anyway, on with the presentation! <('~'<)
Do you know where, when, and by whom the piano was invented?
Of course you don't! Cuz you're stupid! No, just kidding, you guys are awesome.
The Piano started in Florence, Italy, in 1700, by Bartelomeo Cristofori. That dude repaired harpsichords, and one day decided to make a new instrument. There he is. --->
How it works.
The piano works by little hammers attached to the keys striking strings. The size of the string changes the note it makes.
Fun Facts

Most pianos have 88 keys.

Electric pianos have recorded sounds of pianos and other instruments.

Most pop songs have pianos in them.

People play piano all over the world.

People love the piano so much, they pay money for games with piano playing.

People play piano and record it on the interwebs. :P
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