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Proposal Defense

My dissertation proposal defense on the ecology/biology of climate change

Nathan Lemoine

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Proposal Defense

Stamp and Yang 1996 Effects of Climate Change on Plant Herbivore Interactions Select Experimentally Tractable Subsets
of Strong Interactors Climate Change Directly Affects Individual Physiology Lemoine and Burkepile (2012) - Ecology Individual Level Population Level Community Level 1. How does temperature affect feeding behavior of a generalist herbivore? 2. How does temperature affect feeding behavior among herbivores? 3. How does temperature affect indirect competition among herbivores? 4. How does temperature affect the ability of predators to mediate competition among herbivores? Lemoine et al. (in revision) - Oikos Lemoine et al. (in revision) - Oikos Tulip Tree Beauty Canadian Melanophia Black Swallowtail Spicebush
Swallowtail Dogbane Beetle Melillo et al. 2002 Gedan et al. 2009 Rollinson and Kaye 2012 Kaplan and Denno 2007 Oenothera biennis Lindera benzoin Aphis asclepiadis Aphis nerii A. asclepiadis A. nerii A. asclepiadis
A.nerii A. asclepiadis A.nerii A. asclepiadis
A.nerii High
N Low
N Does temperature alter nutritional requirements? Does temperature alter the effectiveness of chemical defenses? Temperature effects
on competition Temperature effects on
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