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The Southern Colonies

No description

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of The Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies
In the South, many family's lived and worked on plantations and the rich ones who are known as large landowners lived in mansions they also have owned servants. Also there weren't may schools nor cities.
The southern colonies used colonial assemblies to govern themselves. Southern colonies close ties to England,as well as there authoritarian and deference society.
Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina had the same religion which is Anglican and Baptist!
How they lived
They grew rice and sugarcane. They planted cotton and lumber and a lot of tobacco for export. The people of the South made almost all of their money in agriculture.
Economic and Culture
1607 Virginia Royal
1633 Maryland proprietary
1653 north Carolina Royal
1663 south Carolina Royal
The Anglican Church was established by law. The Southern Colonist provided minimal support for their churches. Few of the slaves had been baptized as Roman Catholic. Most Southern states made it a crime to baptize slaves, because slaveholders feared they would have to free slaves if they became their brothers and sisters in Christ.
The southern colonies economy was mostly agricultural because if the crops did well then so did the economy.
Their culture claimed to have religious freedom.
The colonies are Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. They supported by slave labor and farming. The government was infested by planters and farmers in the late seventeenth century. Settlers would learn of ways to combine agriculture with commerce to support themselves.
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