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Case Study in Transformational Leadership

No description

Alayna Smith

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Case Study in Transformational Leadership

Case Study in Transformational Leadership
Case Study
(1) Student volunteers are failing to connect with elementary school children
volunteers: white, middle- to upper-class
children: urban, low income, Native American community
(2) Socioeconomic and cultural barriers create lack of understanding between volunteers and children/families
(3) Complaints from teachers about inability of volunteers to comprehend childrens' needs
-Violate TL due to fact that...
individual needs and motives not realized/communicated
cannot be transformed/reach full potential
-Problems stem from relationship of mentors and students
relationship of president and mentors
-Bass's model of Transformational Leadership:
Idealized influence
Individual consideration
Intellectual stimulation
Inspiration motivation
Volunteers remain ignorant/culturally insensitive
Children cannot reach full potential
Volunteers may quit
Community outreach program may be removed from working with school district
The Prideful Pack
Future Consequences
Open dialogue and develop relationships to meet specific needs of students
College Positive Volunteer trainings empower volunteers to connect with students and understand where they are coming from
Breakdown stereotypes and misunderstandings on a personal basis, allowing for more successful interactions in the classroom
Lack of efficient communication
Approach the situation from different ways in order to open up better communication and allow for more understanding
Strive to challenge previous beliefs!

The president needs to cast a vision
Mentors need to see a purpose
The president must encourage the mentors, who in turn encourage students
Mentors must have the resources and training they need.

President needs to be more hands on
Mentors need to be better trained
Hold a high moral standard
Build better relationships
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