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Aileen M.

on 21 May 2018

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Transcript of Profession

m.c. escher
The golden ratio
-A rectangle constructed with sides in proportion to the ratio of 1 to 1.618 to 3 decimal places
-Greeks liked the Golden Ratio because they said it was pleasing to the eye and used it to ensure the beauties of statues and architecture
-Figures in Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings, or Michaelangelo's David are proportional according to this ratio
Math Produces Art
Art professor
Math in Art
-During the Renaissance, artists used simple grids & mathematic devices to portray scenes on surfaces
Math Generates Art
-Mathematical patterns can create artistic patterns. Algorithms applied to geometric figures can create patterns. Ex. Penrose tiling
Art In Math
Math Inspires Art
Patterns, designs, and forms, are products of mathematical designs. Products with a lot of symmetry is the inspiration that brings art and math together
Coloring provides visual shapes to give them recognition. Visual representation gives someone who's doing math the key to understand it.
-Used various geometric shapes in his work
-Distortion and transformations from multiple perspectives
-Infinity, duality, dimension, and tessellations

Definition: An arrangement of shapes closely fitted together by illuminating abstract mathematical concepts in group theory and symbolic form
-stabilizer subgroups, normal subgroups, and group extensions
Tessellations and isometries
Relationship: Isometry of a plane is a linear transformation that include rotation, translation, reflection, glides, and identity maps
Anamorphic art

-Demonstration of the mathematics of transformations
-Image is transformed through an "inverse curve", meaning if the curve used is a circle, then the image is only recognizable in the reflection of the cylindrical mirror
Abstract Paintings From Graphs
-Lines on graphs represent energies and motions in art

-Leiteritz produced a series of "painted diagrams"
-"Crossing at the Left Border" and labelled it as "Figure 13: Separation as a function flow rate with plate spacing as parameter
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