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taylor lautner

actor from twilight

maria trujillo

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of taylor lautner

taylor daniel launter Twilight Full Name;Jacob black
Status;werewolf alpha
Group;Quileute wolf pack-the black pack
Fur Color;Rusty Brown
Date of birth;January 14,1990

"I am the grandson of a cheif
I wasn't born to follow you or anyone else." Taylor was introduced into the world of
acting at seven years old,
when his martial arts instructor coaxed
him into auditioning for a Burger King ad in
Los Angeles. Although he didn’t get the part.
it left him with a strong desire to pursue
a career in acting.
With his family’s support,
Taylor began traveling between Michigan and
Los Angeles to audition for roles regularly.
His family eventually decided to move to Los
Angeles permanently when Taylor was ten He is an actor,voice actor,model.and martial artist.
He is known the most for playacting twilight a movie based on books.
He was born in grand Michigan U.S.He was born February 11,1992.
He 5'10 a average height for a 20 year old guy.
His parents are Debra an Daniel,he has one sibling Makena.

. taylor's LOVE life
taylor Lautner has dated taylor swift.
They broke up a while back,according to taylor swift "Back to December" is about taylor lautner. its her first time apologizing to a boy in a love song.he was also acting in that movie Valentines day as her valentine.
H has also dated Sara hicks.doesnt say what happen between them or if there there still together or not... In the last twilight he imprints on the baby of Edward and bella.

IMPRINT is a werewolf thing.Were they have to protect, an be there for what ever they need.her name is Renesame.he was in the love with Bella but Bella loved Edward an they had a baby together which he imprinted on.It was a good thing for Bella and Edward but probably sucked for Jacob/Taylor lautner. Taylor lautner said that he's happy that he can go home and still help out at home. He likes going home an still having a normal life. Throwing the trash,doing the lawn,etc.
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