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Viewpoint of PANDA BEARS!

Panda bears are mammals. They are about the same size as a black bear. Adult Pandas are 5-6 feet. They whey up to 276 pounds. They love to eat bamboo.

arianna sanchez

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Viewpoint of PANDA BEARS!

My legend One day a rabbit that
was sitting next to a
tree and a fox came
along. And while
the rabbit wasn't looking
the fox was coming towrd
the rabbit step by step.
At one moment of the time
the fox was about to grab
the rabbit and scarf it down
like nothing. And at that very
second a panda bear came along
and came walking towrd the fox.
The fox turned around and was
fritend. The panda bear got
closer and closer to the fox
and at a very moment the fox
ran and the panda went back to
solving other crimes and always
keeping a eye out for everyone. Panda bears My limerick There once was a panda bear named hole.
It loved to eat out of a big bowl.
It ate bamboo.
It went ackoo.
It ate a ugly and hairy mole. Pandas are black and
white chinesse bears.
These large cuddly
looking mammals have a big head, heavy boby, round ears and a small tail. Pandas diet is they like to
eat bamboo. Bamboo is just
like green sticks. Pandas
like to clime on them to.
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