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EN 9 Characterization & Point of View

No description

Allie Sanders

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of EN 9 Characterization & Point of View

Joan Bauer
Characterization & Point of View
Characterization: CHARACTER TRAITS
Characterization begins with character traits, or
shown by the characters.
Characterization also includes character motivation, or the behind his or her actions.
From a young age, Joan Bauer knew she wanted to have a career making people laugh.

Her stories often include characters that struggle with some sort of anxiety. Bauer uses humor to make this struggle, and the relief that follows after a tense situation, funny.

Bauer says, "I want to create stories that link life's struggles with laughter."
Point of View
Point of View: the from which the story is told
"The Necklace"
Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893)
Maupassant is considered to be the greatest French story writer.

According to Maupassant, his stories seem to be "pieces of human existence torn from reality."
Point of view determines:
What you LEARN about the characters
How you FEEL about the characters
Today, we will be discussing two different types of point of view: first and third person.
1st Person Keywords:
I, me, we
3rd Person Keywords:
he, she, his, her
Methods of Characterization:
Author describes a character's
physical appearance
Author presents a character’s traits through the person’s thoughts, and
Author reveals a character’s traits using other characters’ to the person or their with the person.
Freakishly Amazing Crepe Man!
This story is about a perfectionist, Jill. This is her account of waitressing in a pancake house as she faces a mob of hungry customers. The catch: SHE'S ALL ALONE!
Maupassant was born in a rich family, but the money soon ran out.

Eventually, he turned to writing as a means of employment. He created wealth and fame for himself by writing HUNDREDS of short stories.
Sadly, Maupassant began to suffer from a mental illness. He died in a Paris asylum when he was only 42.
This is the story of Madame Loisel, the wife of a government clerk, and her pursuit of status.
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