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Fables, Folktales and Myths

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Kevin Chandler

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of Fables, Folktales and Myths

Identifying Theme
What is Theme?
The THEME of a story represents the bigger ideas of the story, whereas, the plot carries those ideas along.

Be careful not to confuse THEME and PLOT.

How can We Identify Theme?
Themes are DIFFICULT to identify. Rarely are they stated clearly within the story.

In order to identify a Theme we must INFER!

Identifying Themes in Fables
What is a Fable?
Fables are a type literary genre. These fictional stories (imaginary), usually feature animals or mythical creatures which are anthropomorphic or given human qualities (such as being able to talk or walk on two legs).

Most importantly, Fables haves MORAlS. Morals have to do with what's good and bad or right and wrong. Such as the goodness or badness of someone's actions or behaviors.
Anthropomorphic cat guarding geese
Egypt, 1120 BCE
Now it's your turn!

You will break into groups and identify theme in fables!

Disguise and Deceit: Fine clothes may disguise a fool, but silly words will give him away.
Trickery (To play a trick): Do not trust flatterers
Trust/ Friendship: Misfortune reveals the true nature of friends.
Friendship: Little Friends may prove great friends
Greed: Greed often reaches out
Identifying Theme in Fables
A Foldable Report
Step 1: Choose your favorite Fable by Aesop
The Goose With the Golden Egg
The Lion and the Mouse Fable
The Bear and the Two Travelers
The Fox and the Crow
The (Donkey) in the Lions Skin
Step 2: What is the Theme?
Put it together in a foldable
What's the Big Idea in this theme?
Make a Picture
about the
What's the
moral of
the story?
How do
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