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Singapore Math

Singapore Math Strategies for Elementary

Tarynn Josey

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Singapore Math

Singapore Math and Common Core
And one more thing...
is here
CPA Model
C - Concrete

P - Pictoral

A - Abstract
CPA Model
Number Bonds
Place Value
Mental Math Strategies
Number Talks
Model Drawing
The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach reaches out to a variety of learners
base ten blocks, counters, unifix cubes, or
any other objects that can be physically manipulated
drawings, diagrams, charts, or other drawings completed and interpreted by the student.
symbolic representations such as numbers or
letters the student uses to show their understanding.
62 - 12
rapid, accurate, and confident judgments of number performed for small numbers of items.
Brainbreak Time!
Place Value
Number Bonds
a mental picture of the relationship
between a number and
the parts that combine to make it.

K - bonds to 5 and 10
1st - bonds to 10, 20, & 100
2nd - bonds to 10, 20 & 100
begin multiplication bonds
Model Drawing
Sara has 45 Valentine cards. Ashley has 18 fewer cards than Sara.
How many cards do they have altogether?
There were 9 bags with 6 candy hearts in each. Katherine ate 8 of the candy hearts. How many hearts were left?
Tricia and Kristi have 75 books altogether. If Tricia has 43 books, how many more books does Tricia have than Kristi?
One Handed Clock

A Game...
You'll Never Lose
Students need to be able to communicate their math ideas and thinking.
Do not show or tell anyone your numeral. Place yourself in the line based on the numeral you were given.
Number Sense
Tarynn Josey & Ashlee Odom
Defined as the system of writing numerals in which the value of the digit is determined by its position or relationship to the other digits.
In Singapore Math the place value system assigns values, which are multiples of a common base of 10. Place value is considered a foundational skill for all mathematics learning
Are we teaching kids
to be Math Smart?
What if your students do not have a clear understanding of the place value system?
Tarynn Josey tjosey@ccboe.net

Ashlee Odom ashlee.odom@ccboe.net
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