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History lesson

No description

james pagett

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of History lesson

Obj: to gain basic knowledge on Anschluss and Sudeten crisis and how they influenced British/German relations 1938
Union of germany and Austria
1937 germany fed austrian nazis cash to gain more influence in austrian society
Austrian Govt struggled to keep Austrian Nazi party under control
Schushnigg austrian chancellor felt he was lossing control who then went to see hitler for some advise
Hitler told him to include members of the Nazi party in his govt
Bullied by hitler shushnigg agrees and seyss inquart head of Austrian Nazis becomes minister of interior
Shusnigg calls Plebiscite
Hitler angered by this demanded it be called off
Shuschnigg resigns leaving Seyss-Inquart in charge
Calls army in
Hitler calls Plebicite
Austrian people love germany and join greater reich

Hitler 1938
3,200,00 ethnic germans lived in cz
France allied to cz british not
Chmberlain did not want to risk open war with germany and though france ay want to defend cz
however frnech didnt intend to defend cz proclaiming it was a lost cause
mutual suspician
Nev tells cz govt u need to negoitiate before hitler invades Cz refuse to negoitiate and in May prepare for war
Chamberlain tells hitler to not take action
Hitler unhappy vows to smash cz
Nazis within sl stir rumors of persecution of germans
USSR (soviet unoin) allied with cz
brit plus sov suspician of german bating between one another
unrest in sudetenland cause marshall law to set in
1000,s flee to germany
Nev flies to berchtesgaden deal with hitler he wont attack until nev has spoke to cz + france
Cz accept
Munich agreement (Cz not invited) sudetenland given to germans however leaves rest of Cz open to invasion

Direct violation of treaty
Chamberlain and other polititians saw it as another incidience of germany walking into back yard
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