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Film Director Research Project

This project is ment to educate people about these famous directors,stephen speilberg, clint eastwood, and george lucas

Hailey Van Doormaal

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Film Director Research Project

Conclusion Thank You For Your Attention! And one more thing... Spielberg was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, to a Jewish family. Throughout his early teens, most of his inspiration came with his fascination with camera's. Spielberg used to make many amateur 8 mm "adventure" films with his friends. Spielberg grew up on purely making movies; he entered a wide range of contests throughout his life. Steven Spielberg His first professional TV job came when he was hired to do one of the segments for the 1969 pilot episode of Night Gallery. Stephen Spielberg is best known for blockbusters such as Jaws, E.T, and Indiana Jones trilogy. He made movies professionally from
The Righteous Persons Foundation was established with Spielberg’s earnings from “Schindler’s List” to fund projects which impact on modern Jewish life. As of fall 1995, the foundation had made 30 grants totaling nearly $10 million. The organization projected to distribute more than $40 million over its first decade of existence. "I dream for a living" James Cameron "The film industry is
about saying 'no' to people,
and inherently you cannot
take 'no' for an answer." Born August 16, 1954. he is a Canadian film director, film producer, deep-sea explorer, screenwriter, visual artist and editor. His writing and directing work includes The Terminator, Aliens, True Lies, Titanic, and Avatar. Cameron has also contributed to underwater filming and remote vehicle technologies. In the time between making
Titanic and Avatar, Cameron
spent several years creating
many documentary films
and co-developed the digital
3D Fusion Camera System. Cameron considered making his own movies. He then spent the next several years shooting his own short films using his father’s Super-8 camera. Film Director Research
Project 1969 to the present James Cameron first started making movies very young, but his first debut was in 1981. He has been in the movie business ever since. Protecting the world’s oceans. Oceana campaigns to protect and restore the world’s oceans. They try to prevent the irreversible collapse of fish populations, marine mammals and other sea life. Watching movies is a hobby ours and everyone of these directors have composed many of ore favorite films
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