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Right to play

please help and donate to help children in other places around he world have a better future

Atique Aqtab

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Right to play

What Right To Play does?
Right To Play uses play to engage kids in their education, to teach them health lessons and to show them how to build peaceful communities.
Right To Play
How did Right To Play start as a foundation?
Who is Right To Play?
Right To Play is a global organization made up of inspirational Coaches, Athlete Ambassadors, staff, supporters and a million playful children.
What is Right To Play's goal?
Right To Play is trying its best to teach kids how to survive in a deadly environment with play, and every body deserves to play.
The years of fundraising
Between 1994 and 2000 right to
play continued to raise funds for children in horrible situations. in 1996 olympic aid partnered with UNICEF and raised 13 million dollars and vaccinated 12.2 million children and more than 800,000 women in Afghanistan and Northern Iraq
Working with International Partners
With its incorporation olympic aid (which later became Right To Play) switched from a "fund raising vehicle" to an NGO. In March 2001 right to plays first sport and play programs started in refugee communities in Angola and Ivory Coast.
Right to play today
Today Right To Play is hardworking NGO with over 13500 volunteers helping over 1 million kids around the World with the power of play.
How you can help Right To Play!
Donate and help Right To Play
continue to help children Worldwide and succeed their goal!
BY: Atique Aqtab
Ryan Khan
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