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Life Line Presentation final

No description

connor corgiat

on 21 September 2011

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Transcript of Life Line Presentation final

Lifeline Project By Connor Corgiat
Born: December 14, 1988

Location: Torrance, Ca

Becoming Who I Am 3 significant events that have shaped who I am
Near Fatal Accidnet
May, 17 2008 1. 2. College University of Hawaii
Shidler School of Business
3. Supporting My Best
Friend through Drug Rehab Aug, 10 2008 -
Dec, 29 2008
The Second Chapter
of my Life

Five Major Future Goals

1. Finish at SMC and transfer to LMU

2. Finish my final year of indoor Volleyball

3. Maintain GPA of 3.7

4. Graduate with BA in business (2014)

5. Be a role model for younger brother Finding Success

1. Everyone is human, everyone has a chance
2. No guts no glory
3. Be pateint
4. Do good for others and good will be returned
5. Find/focus on positivity in all situations
6. Everything happens for a reason
7. Never lose faith

Career Goals

1. Get hired at record label (2015)
2. Make a good salery (above 50k)
3. Eventually become artist manager Struck head on by a drunk driver
on a jet ski. I was in Intensive care
on life support with a collapsed
lung, shattered knee, broken arm,
wrist, pelvis, ribs. I was given a
25% chance of survival. The accident
changed my entire perspective on life.
All of my biggest accomplishments and
struggles in my life have come from this
accident. Trying to help my best friend battle addiction and watching him
nearly die from it. The experience taught me to lead by example
and never turn my back on true friends when they need you the
most. Moving to Hawaii for college changed my outlook on education
and helped me understand that knowledge is power. College
taught me how to handle responsibility and other aspects of life. My first choice would
be working at Universal Records because they are the parent label for most other companies because of thier size and resources Other Goals

1.Live everyday to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised.

2. To inspire and help others to make improvments in their lives. My last day alive


last goal is to give all that I can offer to everyone I know before I leave

Lifeline Project Name: Connor Corgiat Other personal goals Eventually start a family

Get married

Be able to provide for my
family things that I never

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