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Five Themes of Geography

No description

Jason Cox

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Five Themes of Geography

Five Themes of Geography Location Human-Environment Interaction Movement Region Geographic Location is where it is on earth. Location can either be relative or absolute. Relative Location is describing its location in relationship of nearby land marks. Panama City is near the Panama Canal. Mexico City is near the center of Mexico. Cancun is at the tip of the Yucatn Penninsula. Absolute location is describing a place with exact corrdinates. Guatemala City is at 14º38' N and 90º30' W. Belize City is at 17°15' N and 88°45' W. Managua is at 12°6' N 86°9' W. Describes the physical characteristics of a location. Place Guatemala has a mountian range. Panama is an Isthmus. Jamaica is an Island. Describes how humans adapt and modify the environment. Mines in Mexico produce coal. The Panama canal allows for a short route for ships. Terraces are used in hilly areas. Is the movement and migration of humans. Prehistorics migrated across the Central America land bridge. People have migrated north to escape economic hardship. People travel to other nations for business and pleasure. Is how the globe is split up into managable units for study. Honduras has defined boundries. Chiapas Hoy is a newspaper in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico. Central America is all the countries between the United States and Columbia.
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