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Extended Project Presentation

No description

n Glanville

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Extended Project Presentation

To What Extent is the Authority of the
UK Prime Minister Legitimate? Within the UK's Constitutional Framework? So what is legitimacy? Locke, Rousseau and Hobbes had some ideas: Hobbes This guy Wrote this thing Very important! Why? The Leviathan What's that, then? A mechanism for social control
Vast and all-pervasive
The sovereign
The idea of delegated rights In equitable exchange Social contracts Give up rights
natural rights - to kill, to be free
property rights - to keep what you find Acquire protections
From others infringing on your rights (that's also the title of the book) Also The State of Nature Is? the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short Takes us back to (actually, Rousseau did these) Formed to create social institutions to mutual benefit Rousseau This guy Wrote this thing (in French) But Hobbes poked around the idea The Social Contract So what's that? Legitimate authority! So what makes authority legitimate,
(if you're a Swiss philosopher?) The Sovereign (source of power- like a king) The Government (source of legitimacy- like a representative assembly) Reflects the "general will" (i.e some idea of what we all want to happen) Reflects a "particular will" (i.e. making laws to do something, rather than protect the interests of the population as a whole) Together: Functional Government!
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