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My motivation Letter

No description

Vicky La Vickinga

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of My motivation Letter

Thanks for your time
If you need more information don´t hesitate to ask me

Have a nice day :)
What I like to do
My skills
I can speak

I'm honest , tolerant and a calm person.

I know
how to
edite pictures and videos

Thanks to my degree and my different job experiences i have
good organisational - comunicative skills.

I have
good teaching skills
, gained as spanish teacher.

I know how to ride a bike for a long time without using the hands and i can cook an



About volunteering
I regularly collaborate in local and international projects with AJ Pedrajas, a youth local association.

While travelling i am always volunteering in organics farms, i have been in projects in Ireland, Holland and Turkey.

I was an EVS volunteer in a short term project of one month of duration in an ecovillage in Slovakia ( I still can do one long term EVS )

Being an EVS volunter is a good oportunity to learn about different cultures, social -networks and communities.
What motivates me to choose your project ?
About me
Hi, I´m Vicky , I´m 27 years old and i´m from Valladolid, Spain.
I grew up in a small village surrounded by a beautiful forest , cereal fields and red poppies.

I'm a cheerful , open -minded and creative person , always ready to learn about all the persons i cross in my way.
I´m exploring this world trying to discover alternatives ways and styles of life and consume.

I love to
, everyday i try to have a walk for one hour, when i have free time i like to have a long walk in nature.

I love to
, being in contact with locals and learning about folklore ,culture and new points of view.

I like to be arround
, i always learn creative ways to contemplate and understand the world.

I´m passionate of all the

specially cinema and literature, i also like to take pictures.
I love to read and write, i have a modest personal (SPANISH) blog https://espejismosmios.wordpress.com/about/

and of course Music and dance :)

I like to be between
animals and plants
gardening,farming, get my hands dirty. and enjoy being outdoors.

spanish team in a Youth project in Turkey
I feel the need to grow as a person in a honest, simple, artistic and sustainable enviroment that can enrich my culture and life style.

I´m interested in work in a cultural project in comunication also with kids-teens but i´m open to any activity i can learn from.

I see myself as a creative an idealist person with the capacity to contribute in your project with knowledge , new ideas, good energy and smiles.
project in Mola di Bari
My motivation letter
Short EVS Zaejova Slovakia
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