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Module 4 Personal and Strategic Networking

Personal and Strategic Networking. Common core at AP degree at VIA Design.

Annette Qvistgaard

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Module 4 Personal and Strategic Networking

Module 4
Personal & Strategic

Strategic networking
From a Leadership point of view
The networker's 10 ethical maxims
Module 4 Personal and Strategic Networking
• Operational
people you need to accomplish your assigned, routine tasks.

• Personal advancement.
kindred spirits outside your organization who can help you with personal

• Strategic
people outside your control who will enable you to reach key organizational objectives.
Source: Harvard Business Review – Herminia Ibarra and Mark Hunter,
"A moral act is when you feel good after having done it."
Source: Hemingway
Source: Netværks Akademiet
Mapping your network
.....based on a specific task or a SMARTNU goal
Be strategic - get started practicing.....
Your network budget
The network budget is about setting a simple budget for your self about, when, where and how much will I network.
Eg. I will have my lunch with a new person each week, I will contact 3 old contacts regarding nursing the relation or I will the following month take part of 2 events with the purpose of expanding my network and getting new contacts.

3 types of networking
"How Leaders Create and Use Networks".
Coach buddy
2x 15 minutes
Excerise page 79
Share your thoughs
Being authentic
Communicating clearly
Open and
Being strategic
clear goals
Being brave
Creating value
for other
Asking questions and listening actively
The Competent Networker
Todays class
How to be
by s
etting clear goals
and by
being brave


my goals to my network
to gain their knowledge and input inorder
to achive my goals
You can create results faster, better and easier by helping, asking for help and communicat your goals with others and cooperate across.
Personal strategic Networking
With strategic networking we believe we can act strategically from personal skills and goals.

It is about using what you have strategic and become slightly better - 15% and reasching your goals faster.
Set a goal you want to reach with in the next year
Coach buddy
2x 30 minutes
The Coachen is looking for:
Development Potential
Attention points

How does the method work??
Pay it forward - be helpful
Be your self - be autentic
Know your network value
Be open and positiv
Ask questions
Set goals
Map your network
Be brave
Ask for help
Say thank You
Remember to follow your five core values.....
with Annette Qvistgaard
Home work for this class
5 minutes
Share with Coach buddy
5 minutes
Circle no. 2

Who has important professional knowledge, experience or contacts with important knowledge?
Who can inspire me and challenge me to think differently?
Circle no. 3

Circle no. 1

Which people and stakeholders is essential to involve and knowledge- in order to succeed with the task?
My goal
Be strategic and map the network that can help you to reach your goal.
Find 6 stakeholders with your coach buddy
Exercise p. 84 - 2x10 minutes
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