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ECFS 301 - Group Aqua


Yoona Chang

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of ECFS 301 - Group Aqua

References Washington State
Guidelines Sunny Hong
Adriene Cho
Yoona Kwak
Lyann Trang Phase 1 Sharing Experiences & Knowledge Brainstorming Ideas Sharing Personal Stories Class Survey Questions One thing that we all had in common was everyone owns a smartphone:
LT & YK: iPhone 5
AC & SH: Samsung Galaxy S3

Even as we were brainstorming for a topic, we realized how much we depended on our phones

Then we started talking about how much social media is affecting our lives. Sunny's Story Yoona's Story Lyann's Story Adriene's Story When I think of social media, I think about productivity.

This drawing shows how different members are collaborating efficiently by chatting. 1. How old are you?
2. What is your gender?
3. Which of the following do you use to network?
4. Do you have a smartphone?
5. If yes, which of the following do you have downloaded as an app on your smartphone?
6. How long do you spend your time on social media a day?
7. Why do you use social media?
8. Do you find social media useful in your life? Why or why not? Social
networking Technology
use Tumblr Facebook Instagram Twitter Smartphone Tests/quizzes Laptop Tablets eBooks Homework Ways to survey Skype In person experience Facebook chat Catalyst Important questions to think about for our project:
Why is social media important today?
Why did people switch over?
Why the use of technology today?
Why the use of smartphones today? Old social networking Myspace Xanga field work Makers of Facebook
[LT & YK] Phase 2 Users of Facebook
[SH & AC] Interview with
Lawrence Tjok Watching "Social Network" Interviewing UW Students Facebook Online Survey Our findings From looking at our survey results, it was clear that Facebook was the most popular social networking site. Our classmates used Facebook the most. Thus, we decided to focus specifically on Facebook for our project because we assumed that researching on social media would be too broad. Facebook integrates features of other social networking services together.
Since we realized that Facebook was used the most popular, we decided that it would be more worth it to research the content of Facebook and it's effect. On a Sunday night while working on the project, we decided to watch the movie "Social Network" to learn about the history of Facebook. We got to use the projectors from Savery Hall room 136 to run the movie! The movie was around two hours. Before we watched the movie, we came up with questions and predictions. Through Social Media, I was able to get
re-connected with my Kiwi friends from 17 years ago. Through social media, I am able to use different and variety of ways to communicate with others. These various ways I use on Facebook enables me to connect with my personal life, as well as school work. Questions & Findings We took our field work to the Suzzallo library, where we asked 10 random UW students to complete surveys that focus on the lifestyle of Facebook. Last year I went to a summer program where I met many new friends from around the country and world. Social media has helped me stay in contact with my friends. Though they are physically far away, I still feel like I'm close to them.
Each heart in this representation illustrates the location of where my friends whom I communicate with live Questions & Findings
from interviewing students Questions & Findings
from the Facebook survey We got to interview Lyann's friend Lawrence . He was an intern for Facebook for several months before he got hired as a Microsoft Engineer for Facebook. We had to Skype Lawrence because he was in San Francisco (one of the Facebook sites) for training. We made a survey on Google Doc. We had six questions where most of them were multiple choice, check all that applied, and free response for them to write. We provided the survey for our Facebook friends, peers, and family. We made a Facebook group, where we invited each of our own friends. The survey received over 120 responses! Comparing Graphs Representation Questions & Findings
from expert Lawrence Tjok Questions & Findings
from the movie The Social Network Google Chat Text Message We brainstormed in class to gather our thoughts together! Similarities & Differences After sharing our personal stories and representations with each other, we noticed that we all had similarities and differences regarding to Facebook. Sunny and Lyann mentioned that they used Facebook to communicate with their friends from all over the country and the world. For Adriene, she used Facebook for school group projects. For Yoona, she uses social media to be productive. An example would be is by chatting with others. Interviews:
Lawrence Tjok: Facebook Microsoft engineer.
Suzzalo Cafe UW students

Our friends, peers, and family members
ECFS 301 Class
Professor Nancy Hertzog
Deborah Silvis

Online resource:
Google documents Book resource:
WA State Department Early Learning
and Development Guideline What We Thought We Knew We thought that Facebook was used for people to just keep in contact with others.
We thought that Facebook's audience was for college students.
The reason why Facebook keeps changing it's layout/content is to attract people to make it seem like it's the "new thing."
We thought that Facebook has only partnered up with the companies: Skype and Amazon. What We Know Now We know that Facebook's main goal is to allow people to build social values all over the world.
Facebook's audience is for everyone. They created the site in a way where young people and older people could benefit from it.
Facebook's main source of income is through only advertisement and Facebook games.
Facebook's purpose for updates and changes is only so that the site can be consistent so it will be easy for the company to work with.
Facebook just bought Instagram and is now partnered with Spotify, Skype, Bing, and Amazon too. The Project Investigation set a great example for how and what children can learn through different methods and experiences. Each one of us brought our own previous knowledge in to our group to share, discover and develop new ideas about our topic. Each and every steps we took closely aligned with the Washington State Guideline.
"Learning about my World" : Through the project work, we were able to discover more about the world with great diversity we are currently living in.
"About me and my family and culture" : We could understand how our culture is based upon the technology and the social media.
"Building relationships": We were able to build stronger relationships with each other by sharing our personal experiences on social media.
"Communicating": Members engaged in active communication by giving each other feedbacks on the ideas and works we all had brought together.
"Touching, seeing, hearing, and moving around": We watched a movie "Social Network", we made visual representations with different materials, we did video chatting, and finished our field work by visiting different places.
"Growing up healthy": Through the project work, each of us was able to acquire specific skills or knowledge on various technology use such as Prezi, Powerpoint, DSLR camera, etc, which helped us improve on motor and cognitive development. THANK YOU!
- Group Aqua Phase 3 \ Comparison Charts Big Ideas & Essential Understandings The topic of social media is worthy of investigation, because it affects people's daily lives so much now. We're very consumed by the social media without even recognizing that. Since our lives are integrated with social media, and/or center around it, we thought it was important to find out the benefits of social media as well as possible harm that can be done to people.
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