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Kim Mejia

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Hair

Hair Henna Chamomile Next: LIPOSUCTION – is produced from the
powdered leaves of the Egyptian
privet Lawsonia. It is commonly
used to add red color to the hair. -produces a yellow
pigment used for brightening the
hair. It is still used in some
shampoos today. It is not a
surface colorant. DYE made from flowers, stems and barks of plants Indigo – from the leaves of the
Indigo plant, gives a blue-black
color and when mixed with
henna, produces a variety
of colors. Walnut - from the pod shells of the
ripening fruit, produces a
yellow-brown color. Other substances – other plants substances
sage, oak, bark, cudbear, and
logwood – have been uses to
produce variety of colors. Quassia - from the bark of the quassia tree, was traditionally used with chamomile to brighten the hair.
It is still an ingredient of some shampoos. Hair Dye Women have been dyeing their hair for centuries.

We connected our femininity and beauty to our hair.

40% of women dye their hair.

Easy and non-invasive way of enhancing
your appearance Hair Dye Can offer a new depth, shine, and volume to your hair, as well as add radiance and richness to your natural skin tones.

Best to stick close to your natural hair color

The hair coloring process was revolutionized when French chemist Eugene Schueller created the original commercial hair dye. women :D Men Eugene Schueller General Categories of Hair Dye Permanent Dye 2 Basic Kind

Oxidation hair dye - relies on the solution of dye intermediate with p-phenylenediamine to achieve colors.

Progressive hair dye - relies on products containing lead acetate as the active ingredient Semi – Permanent
Dyes last for several shampoo cycles and don't require oxidation Coloring Bleaching Hair Care Cleaning
Nourishing Fundamentals of caring your hair Combining & Brushing Shampooing and Conditioning Drying
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