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What is Machinima??

No description

Keila Banks

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of What is Machinima??

Machinima with OpenShot
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
What is Machinima?
Machinima is the art of making a movie or short out of a game for non profitable purposes.
Topics we'll go over in this presentation...
Know the difference between machinima and Machinima!
Know your options.
Learn how to make Linux a gamer friendly environment.
Machinima Tools
How to make your machinima!
Spreading the word!
Why machinima?
You may be thinking, why machinima? Well, because it will expand your creativity, and because you will benefit from joining the machinima community.
Gathering your materials!
Of course, to make a machinima you'll need a game and a video editor. Since we're going open source, I'll use OpenShot, and for this presentation i'll be using an online game, and an offline game, The Sims 3.
Now that your machnima's been
published,'s time to let your audience enjoy your work!
Setting Up Files and Hacking The Game
To play games on Linux, we will use Wine and PlayonLinux.
We can hack into the game so we can make it easier to use.
We will organize all of our files.
We will come up with a storyboard.
We will edit all of our files together.
Going into the Game!
Now that we have our storyboard, we will go inside and record everything.
We will use the tips used earlier.
OpenShot: Editing in OpenShot
Now that we've got all of our components, its time to put all of the pieces together.
For this, we will be using an OpenSource video editor called OpenShot.
Finishing Up
Now that we've got our machinima, it's time to look at everything from file types to rendering.
Machinima Examples
by Keila Banks
Email me presentation suggestions or bitcon donations!
Keila Banks
See me next at Pycon 2014!
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