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The Simpsons Movie

No description

Jonathan Morrissey

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of The Simpsons Movie

Power + Conflict Speech
Jonathan Morrissey

Power + conflict #1
What is power and conflict?
Conflict is often the outcome of power.
Conflict is generally a struggle or battle between two opposing sides
Power is having the knowledge or skills of doing something is a certain way.
Based on the TV show ' The Simpsons' (who would have known)
Follows the Simpsons family as they must save Springfield from a Catastrophe that Homer created.
Family gets divided by both location and conflict.
When a state or community are unhappy with their leadership, conflict often arises.
The power that the 'EPA' has over Springfield leads to conflict between Springfield and the EPA .
Power + Conflict #2
When power is abused, conflict may arise.
EPA abuses power and conflict breaks out within Springfield
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