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on 26 April 2013

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By:Saran,Deep,Ganga,Varsan,Daler, And Bhargav Lieutenant-Colonel John By Achievements Some of the achievements he made were: He built a canal to improve shipping routes on the st. Lawrence river. He also designed new fortifications for Quebec city. He served the army for Portugal and England in 1811-1821, then he left the army at the age of 43, but he was about to build his biggest project, which was to connect the canal to the Ottawa River and Lake Ontario. It is 202 KM long and takes 6 years long. Background John was born in London, England, He broke the family tradition of joining the customs service by entering the Royal Military Academy in Woolworth (London) at the age of 18. He obtained a commission on 1 Aug. 1799 as a second lieutenant in the Royal Artillery, but transferred to the Royal Engineers on 20 December, a person in charge of building military facilities. Significance John By was one of the many people who help improve British North Americans Who was he? John by was a military man and an engineer who designed and supervised construction project for the army You could find this commemorative sign in Ottawa's lower town Thank you for listening
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