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New ways of learning

This presentation contains a lot of video footage and may take some time to load - please be patient. Thank you.

Graham Sykes

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of New ways of learning

What was the starting point for this research?
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Evidence focus
Engagement, participation, ownership

Vocal exploration

Retention, reproduction (short term memory)

Independence, new language (long term memory)

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What is Natural Voice?
How might it work in this context?
Engagement through creativity and voice
Research team:
Dr Sheila Macdonald (ESOL tutor and researcher)
Jodi Watson (Community Artist and Natural Voice Practitioner)
Graham Sykes (IT, videography & multimedia presentation)

Learners' progress
Where next?
Alternative teaching and learning methods
with beginner ESOL learners
The Warm-up
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Prepositions of place
Dana and Anna
The Research Question
“What might be the impact of introducing voicework and creative activities into a mainstream ESOL class on
a) learners b) tutors c) curriculum d) organisation?”
Acknowledgments & contacts
We would like to acknowledge the support of Community Learning and Skills, Kent, who allowed us space to explore this work in a mainstream ESOL class.

We appreciate the support of our interviewer, Dr Lucy Williams, University of Kent.

We welcome comments, discussions or any suggestions from others who are interested in this work, or may be exploring alternative methods themselves. Please do contact us:
Sheila Macdonald: Email - tefl@sheilamacdonald.co.uk
Jodi Watson: Email - info@wantsumarts.co.uk

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