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A Cell Is Like A Concert

Lauren Chang and Roya Rezvani Period 5, Cell Simile Project

Roya Rezvani

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of A Cell Is Like A Concert

The Nucleus is like the Stage Manager.
A Plant Cell Is Like A Concert
Chloroplasts are like the stage lights.
Stage Lights
The cell wall is like the concert hall walls
The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like a songwriter
In a concert, stage lights make the stage colorful and
bright. The chloroplasts in a plant cell contain chlorophyll which make the plant green.
The Nucleus controls all of the cell's actions and it decides what functions the organelles may complete. It also makes sure that everything in the cell runs smoothly. The stage manager runs and plans the show to make sure everything runs smoothly and so that the audience enjoys the concert.
The cytoplasm is the floor of the cell. It holds all the organelles and is where all of the organelles work, like a stage where the performers perform.
The cytoplasm is like the stage
The cell wall protects the inside of the cell and keeps everything inside. A concert hall wall keeps things that don't belong inside out of the building.
Some artists don't write their own music sometimes they hire songwriters to do it for them. The Endoplasmic reticulum is similar but instead of writing songs they help process proteins.
In a cell the lysosomes break down and absorb minerals taken into the cell. This is like cleaning the cell. After a concert the janitors go and clean up the area that was used to keep it clean for the next event in that location.
The lysosomes are like the janitorial staff.
Ribosomes are like
Ribosomes have a very important job in the cell. They build proteins. At a concert the performers are the ones that go on stage and sing for the crowd.
Secretory Vesicles are like food stands.
Secretory vesicles are like food stands because they are both transported to the cells surface for release just like when the audience takes their food leftovers out of the concert, and many food stands are able to be transported to other locations.
Vacuoles are like backstage.
Vacuoles stores waste products and nutrients, and the backstage holds other performers and musicians.
By: Roya Rezvani and Lauren Chang
Period 5

Mitochondria is like a performance warm-up
Mitochondria provide energy for a cell. They are the cell's power source. Before a performance the performers usually do a dance warm-up or vocal exercise to get ready and energetic so they seem excited and fun onstage.
In a performance they have a group of people who design and create what the performers are going to wear. The nucleolus produce ribosomes in the cell. They are similar because both of them create something important to either the cell or performance.
The Nucleolus is like a wardrobe department.
The cell membrane is like sewage drain because they both control the amount of water around the cell and concert. The cell membrane acts as a protective barrier to the uncontrolled flow of water. Sewage drains prevent the amount of water level get too high by draining some to the sewer.
The cell membrane is
like sewage drains.
DNA is like an old stage manager.
DNA carries information from old cells to new cells just like when a old stage manager gets fired or retires and transfers information to the new stage manager.

That's all!! Bye:)

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