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Jasmine Fraser

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Florida

By: Jasmine Fraser Florida Geography Climate Population Industry Race & Origin (Hispanic)%
White5 57.9
Black 15.2
Indian 0.3
Asian 2.4
Islander 0.1
Other 0.3
Two 1.5
Hispanic 22.5 CAPITOL: Tallahassee
LARGEST CITIES: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Hialeah and Orlando Florida is located in the southeastern United states.
It is bordered by Alabama and Georgia to the north, while the rest of the state is a peninsula that is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the west, the Strait of Florida to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. South Florida is subtropical and balmy year-round. Daytime highs are in the mid 70’s even in the coolest months of December, January and February.
Winters – December to March – are mild and dry. Summers – June to September – are hot and humid. The average annual summer temperature is 80.5 F in North Florida. 19,057,542 (2011) 18,801,310 (2010) 15,982,378 (2000) (2010) Well, the people are mostly concentrated in Orlando, Miami, and Tallahassee and Jacksonville. a few MAJOR industries in Florida are:
Dairy Industry
Field Crop Industry
Forest Industries
Golf Course Industry
Organic Industry
Restaurant Industry
Seafood Industry
Small Farms
Sugar Industry
Tourism Industry
Trucking Industry and
Vegetable Industry More than 82 million visitors visited Florida in 2010. While many came to visit some of Florida's amusement parks, many of these visitors spent time on the beaches next to the bodies of water that surround the state. The bodies of water -- the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Straits of Florida -- account for nearly 1,200 miles of coastline around the state. Because of its warm subtropical climate, Florida is known as the "sunshine state" and is a popular tourist destination for its many beaches, wildlife in areas like the Everglades, large cities such as Miami and theme parks like Walt Disney World. Random Fun Fact... Florida recorded a total number of citizens at 18,801,310,






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