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Careers Project

No description

Tyler McMenemy

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of Careers Project

sadfds d sadsahbghbfdhsdfkg jdjdyenhd vbeh Freelance/Professional Musician While freelance musicians may not make a whole lot of money, they get a lot of enjoyment out of their jobs. Salerys can range anywhere from 40,000 - 100,000+ per year. That all depends on where they play and how much the owner of where ever the band is playing wants to give. It seems the most popular career choice as a musician
seems to be a teacher. Private teachers can be very
cheap or very expensive. Ranging from $5-60 per hour,
a private teacher needs to have the know how to make
sure the child gets what he/she paid for. If you have a lot
of students then money would be okay. Music therapist sounds like one of my favourite career choices. For everyone in this class that has ever been sitting in a hospital bed thinking about how boring it is, this career might have made things a little better. Musical therapists go around hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and can even come to your home, to play music for you when you are sick. I know when I feel like crap I like to blast music through my whole house. Salery can range from $16,000 - $70,000 a year. Professional musician is the probably the most desired
career of any musician. While this would be the perfect
job for anybody, it's very hard to get noticed by a famous
record label and get your name out there. On the off
chance that you become famous, you would make loads
of money following famous bands and opening for them,
eventually working your way to touring and being the headliner.
Symphoney Orchestra musician wouldn't
exactly be my first choice because classical
is not really something I enjoy. However,
it is an option because of the money it offers.
Orchestra musicians can make up to $750 every
week. Given how much work you actually put
into a performance, the money isn't bad at all. Education Needed

For most careers, either college or university degrees in music are required. Professional musicians are the only exception to this rule, as you need no education. It's just the luck of the draw. Current Need

I feel with my career choice, this is more
of an opinion question. Given the kind of
music that I like, I think the music industry
could have a little more variety in what's
played on tv.

Music teachers, there seems to be no shortage.

Music therapists, you can never have enough. Related occupations

Managers, roadies, video directors
instrument repairs, instrument tuners,
building owners. I'm coming close to the end of
this presentation and I don't know
what other information I can put on here.


I suppose I can tell why I picked this career.
Well, music is a passion of mine. I plan on
pursuing a career in music with my guitar.
Who knows what kind of job I will get
out of it. But I know that's what I want to do
with my life. Maybe I'll get lucky and become
famous. I hope my presentation didn't totally bore you guys, thank you for listening.
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