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Sales Introduction

No description

Rachel Liew

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Sales Introduction

www.dpcomms.net Scan to visit us! What is a QR Code? A two-dimensional code that can be EASILY scanned by ANYONE. What can a QR code do? Website URL
YouTube Video Link
GPS Coordinate / Google Maps Location
Twitter Profile / Status Update
Facebook Profile / Like
LinkedIn Profile / Share
FourSquare Venue
Any Plain Text
Telephone Number
SMS Message to a number
Email Address
Email Message to an address
Contact Details (VCARD)
Calendar Event (VCALENDAR)
Wifi Login Information for Android device
Paypal Buy Now Link What do we do with QR codes? Connect with us on these social networks: Services QR Code
Event Attendance Campaign
Website Design and Management
Social Media Creation
Viral Marketing
Retainer Contract Why social media? Demand Print is a leading OnDemand design, print, copy, and direct mail advertising company with services tailored for small and medium businesses. About An average Facebook user has 130 friends and likes 80 pages. 56% of consumer say that they are more likely recommend a brand after becoming a fan. Social media gives marketers a voice and a way to communicate with peers, customers and potential consumers at a more personal level.

It personalizes the brand; allows your customers to be more accepting towards your branding. We can help!
Create your profile, build your existence, and create an identity on social media platforms.
Help you build relationships and provide interaction with customers: Social media makes us "real" to consumers and to be able to share your personality with them.
Keep updated on your products and services and build awareness. “It is not your customers’ job to remember you are in business!”
Your customers are on social media: Social media participation is not only for advertising purposes, but to engage with them to gain leads.
Social media maintenance requires investment of time, strategy and patience: manage, maintain, and update your social profile to ensure that your customers are constantly kept updated and reminded of your existence. We can provide you with the assistance you need! Provide convenience to users: Information can be spread more efficiently and effectively. Track event/campaign attendance. Generate database. Event Attendance Campaign Website Design and Management Retainer Contract Viral Marketing
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