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Outreach Training

SHIBA Level 2 Certification

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Transcript of Outreach Training

SHIBA is a community Resource
Sell insurance and receive commissions
SHIBA is part of a larger network of programs known as
, State Health Insurance Assistance Program
Key Talking Point #1:
SHIBA is a nationwide organization
Recommend specific companies, agents or plans
Charge for services
SHIP programs may be under various state agencies such as
Departments of Insurance
Agencies on Aging
, the
Governor's office
, etc.
There is a SHIP program in every State. It may be called SHINE, HICAP, SHIIP, or some other name.
Getting started with Medicare
Compare insurance options
Assisting in applying for help with costs
Filling out complaints and appeals
Meeting with people one-on-one
Providing Medicare classes
Providing a free helpline for people to call
How does SHIBA help people?
Remember to introduce yourself as being part of the SHIBA program,
Remember what SHIBA does NOT do:
Reflection Questions:
Can you think of groups, agencies, or businesses that could benefit from knowing about the SHIBA program? How do you think we can get information to them?

Learn why SHIBA does outreach
Think about key talking points you can use to tell others about SHIBA
Consider what you can do in your community to promote SHIBA,
Discover what resources we have to help you in doing outreach.
During this presentation you should,
SHIBA is a government organization
SHIBA stands for
Senior Health Insurance Benefits Advisors
SHIBA is part of the Idaho Department of Insurance
Think about how would you describe SHIBA to a friend or family member, your local pharmacy or clinic, or a local community agency.
We can also distribute literature
around the community.
Volunteers and Partners are the heart of the SHIBA program.
Key Talking Point #2
SHIBA can conduct various presentations:
Tell your friends and family about SHIBA
Place SHIBA posters on bulletin boards in your community
Remember the
Key Talking Points
so you can be ready to share this information to others
If you are comfortable with public speaking, offer to tell your church group, civic organization or other group about SHIBA
Some ideas to help raise awareness about the SHIBA Program
Take SHIBA brochures to your local pharmacy or clinic and tell them about SHIBA
Talk with your local SHIBA Coordinator about attending a health fair in your community
Keep SHIBA materials handy in your purse or in your car so you can drop them off places when you are in town
provides free, unbiased
Medicare information for Idaho.
This presentation is designed to teach you how to tell others about our program and services.

As a SHIBA volunteer we hope you will share this information with your family, friends and community.

If you've completed the SHIBA Orientation you'll notice this presentation is similar, that is because we want you to be really comfortable when describing SHIBA to others in your community.

And please don't skip through this training, it may look the same, but the content is different.

Thank you for volunteering or partnering with us!
"What is SHIBA?" Talking Points:
SHIBA is a government volunteer-based organization.
SHIBA provides free, unbiased Medicare information for Idaho.
SHIBA can help with comparing Medicare options, resolving billing issues, reporting fraud and abuse and so much more.
SHIBA can provide Medicare informational materials.
SHIBA does not sell or recommend agents, plans or companies.
SHIBA is always looking for volunteers and partners to help provides services to local Idaho communities.

Now that you've reviewed the presentation, here are some talking points you can use in formal and informal settings.
Some thoughts
After completing the Level 2 training you will be able to assist the SHIBA program by sharing this information to people in your community.

Outreach is one of the most important and effective ways Medicare beneficiaries hear about the SHIBA program and it's services.

As a SHIBA volunteer you can request SHIBA materials so that you can use them in any form of outreach you perform.

If you have any questions about this training or about your volunteer role, please contact your local SHIBA Coordinator.
Welcome to the SHIBA Orientation Training!
Key Talking Point #3
Medicare topic presentations
What is SHIBA? presentations
Presentations to small or large groups
Present at pharmacy or clinic staff meetings
Present to various community groups
Key Talking Point #4
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