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Pedro Alvares Cabral


Ally Hoskins

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Pedro Alvares Cabral

Discoveries Pedro Alvares Cabral Characteristics of Pedro Alvares Cabral Pedro Alvares Cabral was a nobleman, explorer, and navigator. He discovered Porto Segero (Brazil) and a trade route to India which explains that he was adventurous, very good at discovering, and knowledgeable about the geography of the area. Cabral was very brave for dealing with tragedies on his journey which includes storms, shipwrecks, and fighting between Muslim traders. Pedro Alvares Cabral was a well-respected man for his major discoveries and his bravery. Pedro Alvares Cabral`s Major Discoveries Vasco da Gama was exhausted from his first journey so he refused to go on a second journey. Instead of sending Vasco da Gama, King Manuel sent Pedro Alvares Cabral on the journey to find a new trade route to India. Pedro Alvares Cabral discovered many different islands on his voyage to find a new trade route to India. Cabral was sent with thirteen ships and 1500 men. Pedro Alvares Cabral discovered few lands but also visited many different islands on his voyage to find a new trade route to India. The lands discovered and visted by Pedro Alvares Cabral include Porto Segero (Brazil), Island of Vera Cruz, Cape of Good Hope, Kilwa, Malindi, Verde Islands, and Modern Day Caravelas. Sponsors of Pedrdo
Alvares Cabral`s Discoveries Florentine merchants respected that Pedro Alvares Cabral tried to introduce christianity everywhere he went using the force of arms when needed to prove his point. This caused Florentine merchants to sponsor part of Cabral`s expedition by providing equipment and priests to join the expedition. King Manuel provided thirteen ships and 1500 men for Pedro Alvares Cabral`s expedition. King Manuel provided these things to Pedro Alvares Cabral because he was the one who planned the voyage to find a new and improved trade route to India. Pedro Alvares Cabral Positive Aspects of Pedro Alvares Cabral`s Expedition Negative Aspects of Pedro Alvares Cabral`s Expeditions Background of Pedro Alvares Cabral Pedro Alvares Cabral was born in Belmonte in the year of 1467. He died in 1520 in Santarem of unspecified causes. He was part of the aristocrat family in Portugal. He studied the humanities of the period in King John`s court. There Cabral was given the position as fidalgo of his council. (fidalgo means the lowest title of nobility) Pedro Alvares Cabral visited and discovered many different lands on his way to find a new trade route to India. Along the voyage Cabral traded many goods with the lands he visited on his voyage and returned to Portugal with rich East Indian cargo. Without Pedro Alvares Cabral trade would not have been as great between India and Portugal and both of the countries would not have been introduced to the great resources being traded from one country to the other. Pedro Alvares Cabral made enemies on his voyage when he bombarded the city of Calicut and tried to convert the Muslims there to Christianity and establish a post for trade. This caused the muslims to start a fight which caused 50 of Cabral`s men to be killed. Cabral was also accused of not being the first to discover some of the lands that he claimed which caused people to lose his trust. Importance of Pedro Alvares Cabral,
Our World Without Him Without the discoveries of Pedro Alvares Cabral the countries of India and Portugal would not have been very successful cities. Without Cabral the voyage to find the new trade route to India would not have even been planned because there would not have been a replacement for Vasco da Gama. If it were not for Pedro Alvares Cabral our world would still have unanswered questions about our surrounding lands. By: Ally Hoskins
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