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Technology and Teens

Information Literacy Project

Kelly Monahan

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Technology and Teens

What role does technology
play in the lives of teenagers? 2. 4. 12. A. 6.
Analyze how various
technologies impact the
development and maintenance
of local and global interpersonal
relationships. 1. Why did you choose this topic?
2. What did you already know about your topic before you started researching?
3. What do you hope to learn about your topic? Reflection I choose a topic dealing with technology because it plays a huge role in my life, as well as the lives of all teenagers. Before researching, I knew that teenagers are always on their electronic devices and that most teens rely/are very dependent on different forms of technology. I hope to find out what forms of technology teenagers use the most, and how long/how often they use them. To find this website, I typed in
role of technology in lives of teenagers*
I used the truncation to find websites with the words
"teen" "teens" and "teenagers."

I learned...
93% of teens ages 12-17 are online; largest % of any age group
Only 4% of teens don't have internet access
73% of teens are on social-networking sites (Facebook is the biggest one, next top two are Twitter & Instagram)
*Cell Phones
78% of teenagers have a cell phone
Teenagers make an average of 3-5 phone calls a day
Website 1 To find this website, I typed in
role of technology in lives of teenagers*
I used the truncation to find websites with
the words "teen" "teens" and "teenagers." Website 2 To find this website, I typed in
technology and teenagers site: org
I wanted to find organizations who
have researched the relationship
between teens and electronics. Website 3 In conclusion, technology plays a huge role in a teenager's life. Teens depend on technology for various tasks, and some are even addicted to it and would not know how to survive without it.
The best search strategy I used was the truncation because it brought me to two very good websites.
None of my strategies helped me the least, but I guess the site:org because the website didn't give too much information.
I will use search strategies in the future because they provided me with a lot of informative websites. Breakdown of technology usage: per day: per average teenager
TV: 4 Hours 29 Min.
Listening to Music: 2 Hours 31 Min.
Computer: 1 Hour 29 Min.
Video Games: 1 Hour 13 Min.
Printing: 38 Minutes
Movies: 25 Minutes
*Total Media Exposure= 10 Hours and 45 Minutes
*Teens multi-task 29% of the time
*Real Media Usage= 7 Hours 38 Minutes McKee, Jonathan. "The Impact of Technology on Teenagers." Church Leaders. 2013. Web. 5 Apr. 2013. I learned...
*Texting/Cell Phone Use
3/4 of teenagers have unlimited texting
As mentioned before, 78% of teenagers have a cell phone... 47% of those teens have smartphones
1 in 3 teens send over 3,000 text messages a month How 12-17 year olds communicate with their family/friends...
Through text 54%
Through social-networking 25%
Actually talking face-to-face 21% Lenhart, Amanda, Ling, Rich, Campbell, Scott, Purcell, Kristen. "Teens and Mobile Phones." Pew Internet. 20 Apr 2010. Web. 6 Apr. 2013. I learned...
3 in 4 teens have access to the interent daily ( using cell phones or computers)
1 in 4 teens are "cell-mostly" internet users
93% of teens have their own laptop/computer

Top 3 Things Teens Do on Their Phones:
1. Text
2. Social-networking/Browse the web
3. Listen to music

Teenagers use internet on their phones rather than on computers because it's much quicker, easier, and because their phones are always with them. Madden, Mary, Amanda, Lenhart, Duggan, Maeve Sandra, Cortesi, and Urs Gassers. "Teens and Technology 2013." Pew Internet. 13 Mar 2013. Web. 6 Apr. 2013. Information Literacy Project
Kelly Monahan
Block 2
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