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The Lazy Song(Clean :))

No description

Andy Wu

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of The Lazy Song(Clean :))

Enjoy the cleanness! (Or don't...)
The Lazy Song(Clean)
By Bruno Mars
American Song Project
By Andy Wu Period 5

These are some pictures that I found had very strong correlation to the song.
These are some other ones that have good relation to the song.
Some More Visuals
Peter Gene Hernandez (better known as Bruno Mars) was born October 8, 1985 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was raised by a family of musicians and started making music at a young age. His father played percussion, his mother was a hula dancer and singer, and his uncle tried to impersonate Elvis as well as urge Bruno to begin a music career. He graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School at the age of 17 and began a music career by moving to Los Angeles, California. He has not gotten his college degree yet.
Songwriter Bio: Bruno Mars
Bruno was a name given to him by his dad because of him looking like a professional wrestler, Bruno Sammartino. He added Mars at the end of his name because girls his age (17 at the time) found him to be "out of this world," so he found "Mars" as a suitable fit. At a young age, he was influenced by the performances and abilities of legends such as Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley (watching videos of course). Bruno has a wide variety of instruments he can play ranging from the guitar to the drums.
Songwriter Bio (cont...)
1. Like many others, Bruno's entrance to the music landscape started off with a rough start when he signed with Motown Records. He says this deal "went nowhere" and was dropped in the near future.

2. Last Super Bowl, Bruno Mars's halftime show got the most viewers ever for a halftime show, which is 115.3 million viewers.

3. Bruno Mars not only is a performer/actor, he also is a songwriter and producer for successful songs such as "Forget You" and "Young, Wild, and Free."

4. Bruno Mars has been nominated for a total of 190 awards, winning 66 of them. He has 18 nominations for the Grammy awards, winning two of them.

5, Bruno Mars has an estimated worth of approximately 40 million USD.
Fun Facts about Bruno Mars
This song faces to the other side of the (usually) hard working American. It is sending a message that hey, you (may or may not) have been working really hard recently, you should have a day where you just don't do anything, or lay in your bed. Bruno Mars uses these terms to put a picture into your head about a person who is as relaxed as you could possible think of. He also uses phrases such as "don't feel like picking up my phone" or "don't feel like doing anything" to signify to an even higher extent that he really doesn't want to touch his working/social life today (except in one censored line of the song). These parts represent America because Americans tend to enjoy a relaxing day every once in a while that involves many of the suggestions by the song's lyrics.
How this Song Represents America pt. 1
How this Song Represents America pt. 2
Definition of an American
Oxford Dictionary describes an American as, "a native or citizen of the United States" and also says American, "relating to, or characteristic of the United States or its inhabitants". Merriam-Webster describes American as, "a person, born, raised, or living in the U.S.". This song relates to the definitions because laziness has, naturally, become a characteristic of many people in the U.S.A. due to easy access to almost everything of necessity to a good life. This connects the bridge between the song and definition because it demonstrates a common characteristic (more like a stereotype) that many Americans share, like the definition says.
This song also indirectly refers to an aspect of today's political debate in the people living off "not doing anything". Over 92 million people in the U.S.A are on unemployment and still living fairly well due to unemployment checks. This song, ironically, was made during the term of President Obama, who has essentially taxed the wealthier to give money to these unemployed Americans.
History/Timeline of "The Lazy Song"
-February 15, 2011-Atlantic and Elektra release song to U.S.A radios
-Spent 27 weeks on the US Billboard Top 100 songs and got to number four at its highest.
-Won ASCAP Pop Music Award in 2012
-Won MTV Platinum Video Plays Award in 2012
-Won RTHK International Pop Poll Award in 2012
-September 2012- Reached over 3.2 million digital copies sold
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