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Minecraft has More Lessons About the gospial then you think. But thats for another prezi to share.

Christina Jindra

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Minecraft

I Found Minecraft Song's and Pictures. I Hope you Like them :)
Minecraft Song's and Pictures!
This is a song about why Steve is in miinecraft and what he plan's to do! I say to preach needs to be added. But you know!
There are 6 Biome's

The Jungle Biome
The Winter Biome
The Dessert Biome
The Forest Biome
The Grassland Biome
And The Mushroom Biome
My Biome
12 Day's of Christmas!
When your in Easy/Normal/or Hard, don't Mine at Night!
Don't Mine at Night!
I found a ......DIAMOND!!!!!!
I Wonder what Steve is going to give Stephine this Christmas XD!
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