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Christine in Music

No description

Christine Bunz

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Christine in Music

Christine in Music
I was a really chubby baby when I was born. I was walking, and talking by my first birthday.
Toddler Time
I was a smart little kid, because my mom would do flashcards with my brother and I, and she would read to me everyday. When I started kindergarten, I could already read, and count to over a hundred.
Crazy Kid
As I got older, I got really, really shy, except for when I was around friends. Then I was loud and crazy!
Getting Older
The older I got, the more shy I got. I couldn't talk to anyone who wasn't already my friend. My relationship with my dad started getting a lot more rocky. And, by the time I was nine, my family had moved for the first time, the first time of, unfortunately, a few more.
Still Just a Kid
Two years after the first move, we had to move again. Through both moves, I was able to stay at the same school, but it was still rough. Right after the second move, a friendship that had lasted since kindergarten ended.
Preteen to Teen
Move number three came a year after the second. The fourth move was four months later. Grade six and seven were rough, between moving and losing a best friend. I got even more quiet and shy, and started to hang out by myself a lot.
The beginning of eighth grade was basically the same as sixth and seventh, then, a few months before graduation, I became friends with some great people who helped me to start coming out of my shell, and introduced me to some great music! High school started, and we're still friends. And, now, move number five is underway.
Eighth Grade to High School
My friend Cheyanne and I. We're still best friends! She's like my sister.
My best friend Jessica and I.
Another friend who's more like family.
(Left to right) Me, Ara Rizzo, Darien Fair, & Jaimie Houtby.
My brother, Steven (who is five years older), and I.
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