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No description

Aline Loges

on 22 October 2010

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Transcript of Wash-A-Bull

What we're all about: Providing:
convenient car washing
Shuttle services Where: Who: students
visitors Initial Expenses Capital Required: $983,000 $392,196 Operation and contingency fund for year one of operation Loan From the Calderon Family $350,000 Loan From Citi Group Bank $250,000 $383,000 You: The Investors Where is this capital coming from? How we're different: Located on campus Convenient shuttle
service Great deals, low prices Allows for slightly higher prices
More customers than competitors Recycled water filtration system
Eco-friendly Turtle Wax products Wash cars while owners are in class
Easier to get to class on time $10 Touchless wash
Wheels cleaned
spray wax
Under-carriage wash
towel-dry $15 Touchless wash
hand-mitt exterior
Wheels Cleaned
Spray wax
Under-carriage wash
towel Dry Hand-mitt exterior
Touchless wash
Spray and wax Under body
Rim Cleaning
Vacuum Interior
Clean Interior and windows
Fragrance $40 Hand-Mitt exterior
touchless wash
Mcguire's hand wax
Vacuum Interior
Clean Interior and windows
Wipe Dash and console
Wheels cleaned
Tire dressing $100 Full Service wash
Wheels cleaned
Doors and trunk Jambs Cleaned
Dash and console wiped
Doors Cleaned
Carpet shampoo
Cloth upholstery shampoo
Maguire's hand wax $20 $541,000 $4,000 $45,000 Adveritising Banner on Leroy Collins
Blvd. and Maple dr. Flyer Business cards with stamp system
Bimonthly Fundraiser Profits We're a green machine Monthly expenses Our wages Total: $590,000 $79,475 Average Car Wash:
~5500 Customers/Month 70% @ $10 15% @ $15 10% @ $20 3% @ $40 2% @ $100 After Monthly expenses of Total= $32,683 $32,683 Profit: $46,792 At this rate: $7,228 Annual Profit: $561,504 Monthly For 5 years (at 5% interest)
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