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Seattle, Washington

No description

Katelynn Byan

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Seattle, Washington

oceanic, temperate marine
cool, wet winters
warm, dry summers
receives between 36-40 inches of rain per year
Government & Economy
charter city.
Mayor-Council form of government.
most of the economy has jobs.
unemployment rate is around 5.4% for just Seattle alone.

Logging in Focus
one of the very first industries when Seattle was founded.
Today, it is still a really big industry for the city.

one of the United States highest cities of percentages of college & university graduates.
also, one of the most literate cities in the U.S.
University of Washington & Seattle Pacific University are both great colleges with outstanding academic achievement.


Seattle Aquarium
Seattle Waterfront
Push Factors
like many other societies, Seattle struggles with racial problems.
the state as a whole has become a mostly secular state.
Pull Factors
education factors discussed earlier.
attractions in the city.
transportation mainly by cars & buses to get around town easier.
lots of parks & outdoor activities for outdoor people.
Seattle, Washington
By: Katelynn Bryan
Interesting Facts about Seattle
Seattle was the first city to ever put police on bikes & has the most bicycle riders in the United States.
Seattle might be the only city that can claim to be built on top of another city. After the Great Fire of 1889, citizens raised the street level and started over – you can tour parts of old Seattle thanks to the city's Underground Tour.
There are lots of parks. :)
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