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Business Finance

No description

Diego Acosta

on 18 April 2017

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Transcript of Business Finance

Business Finance
The career that I’m choosing to pursue is business finance and while doing my research I learned a lot about the career. There were a lot interesting things I didn’t know about the career and some things I already knew.
The management of assets and money that is crucial for any company.
Its primary focus is to increase profit and minimize financial risks.
Most of the websites that I got my information from were creditable and other sources that I used were also creditable. For example, the person I interviewed is a junior accountant that works for a visual effects company in the entertainment industry.
Most of the websites that I pulled information from were relevant also my book was relevant as well. For example, my book Wealth by Lucas Stuart shares his financial secrets on how he became so wealthy and successful in business finance.
Process Pt.3
The median annual wage for business and financial occupations was sixty five thousand seven hundred and ten in May two thousand and fifteen , which was higher than the median wage for all occupations of thirty six thousand two hundred dollars.
Financing is the act of bringing money into an organization. Businesses can be financed in a number of ways, each of which features its own disadvantages and unique features.
Process Pt.2
Another example of creditable information, is the amount of money a person in business finance makes and the projected growth of the occupation. “Occupations are projected to grow eight percent from two thousand and fourteen to two thousand and twenty four, about as fast as average for all occupations, adding about six hundred thirty two thousand four hundred new jobs
What I learned Pt. 2
I learned what the primary focus for business finance.
I learned that business finance can be a job that you can like and mange well with, also the median annual wage of business finance.
The median annual wage for business and financial occupations was sixty five thousand seven hundred and ten
What I learned
I learned what business finance is and also gained more insight on the job.
" The management of assets and money"
It deals with a company's money on a daily basis

What do they do?
Diego Acosta
17 April 2017
Period 1

What I learned Pt.3
I now know that while searching for information you must check who wrote the article, such as “Who is this person to give this information? Is he someone that works in the profession?
Conclusion Pt. 2
Also, checking the time when it was published is crucial to make sure it’s not out of date and making sure that it’s relevant to the topic is also necessary. Knowing this knowledge I now have the power to make researching more creditable and gaining correct information from sources.
Conclusion Pt.3
The skills that I have developed as a research writer are acquiring absolute creditable information and relating them to the topic. I also acquired, a better understanding of which sources I should use and not use in my research. In addition, I also gained how to cite properly and how to make a work cited page by hand.
What I learned Pt. 4
The Final Thing that i learned is the guidelines for how to be successful in business finance and how to finance a company in a number of different ways.
Also How to research the correct way .
What someone in business finance does
Bookkeeping is the process of tracking your company's daily financial activities, such as sales and expenditures, and periodically compiling this information into reports, such as profit and loss statements and balance sheets. Bookkeeping is important because it gives you feedback about whether you are making ends meet. It also helps you to identify areas that need adjustment.
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