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Lisa Mathews-Ailsworth

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Recognition

Forms of Recognition
Overall Tips
Types of Rewards
Peer to Peer
Only a few are nominated
Everyone has a chance to offer feedback and be heard
Reinforces everyone is a stakeholder
Everyone becomes more aware of each other's actions (positive & negative)
Can monitor whom is and isn't engaging
Can promote ideal behaviors and values of office
EX: Employee of the Month
Results Based
All should be able to participate
Recognition should be linked to the office's success
Recognition can drive change in behaviors
Recognition should be proportional to results
Results need to be realistic
Most meaningful recognition
EX: Sales Commissions, Bonuses, Evaluations
Recognition for being a part of the organization
Most common form of recognition
Least Rewarding form of recognition
EX: Annual Years of Service, Milestones...
Staff Meetings
Department Meetings
Social Media Posts
Public posting boards
Notes to employee
Notes to supervisors
Notes to parents
Keeps employees motivated
Allows multiple people to be recognized
Doesn't allow only one type of personality to shine
Office Culture
Know your employees by name
Know about their lives outside the office
Be Genuine
Be Personal
Let them know their impact
Give them tasks they like when possible
Follow up on their tasks on a regular basis
"Pat on the Back" Everyone writes notes to one another (PTP)
Thank you note from supervisor or superior (RB)
Recognition at staff meeting (D, PTP, RB)
Thank you video from clients (D, RB)
Share all praises that you receive from clients or through the grapevine (D, PTP, RB)
Vote on superlatives (PTP)
Monthly, Semesterly
Holiday/ Birthday
Close to accomplishment
Frequent, but not constantly

Allow for time and experiences for your employees to bond
Will allow them to work better together if they also are able to relate to their colleagues as people
Work hard, play hard mentality
Casual Fridays (D, RB)
Flexible Work Hours (D, RB)
Delegate a disliked task to a supervisor or coworker (D, PTP, RB)
Long lunch break (D, RB)
Work from home (D, RB)
New Office Furniture (D, RB)
Permission to bring in their pet for the day (D, RB)
Professional Development Day/Retreat (D)
Move a meeting outdoors (D)
1. Makes work more fun
2. Shows people they matter.
3. Helps everyone to feel part of the team
4. Empowers you to promote what you value at work
5. Sets standards of performance for everyone to aspire to – slackers have no place to hide anymore.
8. Puts the spotlight on the right people so they get credit for the best work and inspire others.
9. Allows everyone's opinions to matter
Coffee or breakfast (D, PTP, RB)
Treats (D, PTP, RB)
Stock the office with their favorite drink or snack (D, PTP, RB)
Movie tickets or gift card (D, PTP, RB)
Lottery tickets (D, PTP, RB)
Meal tickets (D, PTP, RB)
Certificates of Appreciation (D)
Office Bucks to exchange for gift (RB)
Personal Appreciation
Props Cup (PTP)
Above The Call of Duty Award (PTP)
Employee Wall of Fame (PTP)
Progress Charts (RB)
Newsletter Articles (D, PTP, RB)
Social Media Posts about accomplishments (D, PTP, RB)

Assign more difficult tasks (PTP)
Invite to sit on on an important meeting (RB)
Ask for input on projects/ decisions (PTP, RB)
Material Things
Work Place Norms
Stop by and say Hello at low times in the day (D, RB)
Simple "Thank You" (RB)
Celebrate Holidays, Birthdays, Etc. (D)
Lunch with the boss (D, PTP, RB)
Flowers on your first or last day of work (D)
Leave inspirational notes (D, PTP, RB)
Write a note to the individuals significant other or parent thanking them for supporting the individual (D, RB)
Place gold star on their computer (D, PTP, RB)
Name an award after the person (RB)
Represent the office on committee/panel (RB)
Invite to sit in on an important meeting (RB)
Establish a mentoring program (D, RB)
Invite members to attend professional development opportunities (D, RB)
Research: Studer Group

Your Turn

Whom do you supervise?

Do they all do the same role?

What are your production issues currently/How can you use recognition to improve them?

Acknowledgment/Feeling Valued - Notes, Special Guests, Impact on community information
Moral - More Social, Peer to Peer, Retreat
Production - Results Based, Newsletters, Mentoring
Turn Over - Default, Opportunities, Experience, Social?
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