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School Uniforms .

Adventures in School Uniforms with Miley and special guest .

Miley Leong

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of School Uniforms .

Students won't have a chance to express themselves through what they wear to school. It saves energy. Why should we have school uniforms? prevent students from wearing inappropriate clothing. students will be more concentrated on their school work. they will not be distracted on what to wear to school. there will be no bullying or teasing over clothes. families do not have to buy their kids expensive clothing brand so that they could "fit in" with the crowd. Why should'nt we have school uniforms? it will be incovenient for school holidays. no self-expression through clothes. it will be more economical for our economy. how? parents will be forced to buy more clothes for the holidays so their kids could wear it outside of school. My Opinion. I think we should'nt have school uniforms. why? because students should be able to express themselves. Students are taught to express themselves in school
through art, drama, poetry and music . So, why can't they do it through clothes? SCHOOL UNIFORMS. how? It doesen't matter what you wear to school,
it's what you learn that gets you ahead ; not
what you wear.
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